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The "virtual lounge" is open following a successful road trip to Boston for  special Beats & Eats event at the beautiful Renaissance Waterfront Hotel.  On this episode Ty and Nick share their experiences at the Renaissance and the City of Boston.  First you'll hear all about the amazing Global Day of Discovery event hosted by the duo at the Renaissance.  Plus, Ray and Gelso tell you why it's important to use the right kind of GPS while exploring a major city like Boston.  Finally, Ty and Nick conclude with a conversation about Bar Rescue television host John Taffer.  Is Taffer good for the industry? Is his conduct on television on the show an accurate portrayal of the restaurant business? These are just some of the questions the two examine on this restaurant/edition of Beats & Eats.



If you're a fan of the hotel/restaurant industry this show is a must.  Belly up to the bar, ask bartender Scott Mitchell for your drink of choice, and enjoy this happy hour for the mind.


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The virtual lounge takes over the Capiz Lounge at the stunning Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. Beats and Eats is on the road for the Renaissance Global Day of Discovery. Ray and Gelso host a one of a kind Boston basketball draft party to remember. In this episode recorded on location you'll hear the duo talk Celtics history, the future of Rajon Rondo, and a live report from CLNS Radio locker room reporter Jared Weiss at draft headquarters in TD Garden. Plus,  Nick and Ty talk to CLNS Radio personalities Matt Rury and Sean Bakke about the state of Boston basketball There's even a discussion about organic beer. It's the happy hour for the mind not to be missed by hoops and pop culture fans alike.


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Sports Twitter Legend @KWAPT Checks in at the Celtics NBA Draft Party

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The "literal" lounge is open and Ty and Nick have an after hours chat with country western recording artist Brian Collins.  This episode of Beats and Eats was recorded on April 12, 2014 at Reality Rally at Palo Mesa Resort in Fallbrook, California.  Ray and Gelso talk to Collins about his music, his future, and why he made the important decision not to go on one of those "singing shows." Plus Brian gives a special performance. As Brian would say, Pour into a tall glass and you have The Brian Collins Band. Now drink it down and get ready for one hell of a show!

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Beats & Eats would like to welcome more Celebrity Chefs to our roster of on-air personalities. The latest, Chef Burmeister of CHOPPED and the winner of CUTTHROAT KITCHEN. His best friend, and fellow celebrity chef, Clemenza Caserta Jr of Hell's Kitchen!


On this episode of "CHEWING THE FAT" with Big & Beefy Chef Rob Burmeister & Chef Clem Caserta are proud to welcome 2 of The Worlds Greatest Athletes. That's right!!!! Calling into the studio are none other than Major League Eating's HOTTEST EATERS. In this corner we welcome Director, Actor, Documentarian, Nude Model, Sperm Donor and Great Competitive Eater......"CRAZY LEGS" Conti

And in the other corner we welcome Famed Rapper, Headphone Creator, Subway Conductor, Husband, Wife Swap Cast Member, Reality Star , Competitive Eater and All Around Great Guy....Eric "BADLANDS" Booker

Crazy Legs will talk about eating and his movie "THE ZEN AND ART OF COMPETITIVE EATING" as well as his escapades in life.

Badlands will chat it up about his Rap Career "Surf & Stillwell" as well as other albums. Also on his plate besides Hot Dogs , is a new line of Headphones he is promoting.

Lets see what it takes for these guys to train for The Nathans Famous 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Competition.

Also on deck is The Food Fight, Top Five List, Food News and other crazy food talk.


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Hey, Hey, Hey, the virtual lounge is delighted to welcome 70's sitcom star Haywood Nelson to Beats & Eats.
Haywood played Dwayne on the ground breaking show "What's Happening" from 1976-1979.  Ty and Nick ask Haywood about staying grounded in Hollywood while dealing with racism at a young age.  Plus Haywood tells Ray and Gelso what it was like to work with comedic greats Red Fox and Shirley Hemphill.  If you are a fan of retro tv, like Ty and Nick are, you won't want to miss this special very special  happy hour for the mind.
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Episode #3 of The Like A Sir Podcast... Covering Reddit, and stupid conversations.

In the episode of Like a Sir Podcast, Chef Dan Ryan features trending Reddit topics including, but not limited to, escaping from a rogue elevator, Verizon Vs. Netflix, Hanging out with yourself, and... Well... Nonsense... So yeah...

Dan and Kat cover topics ranging from Coke on the Set and Tables, Random Acts of Blowjobs, TSA Struggles, Helen Keller, Prenancy Tests, Craigslist Personals, Trail By Ouija Board, Ghost Dog, Zac Miri and Moses Make A Porno, And Kat may be a little drinky... Just sayins...
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- Warning: This episode contains some explicit language -

Hey there Triple F’ers! The Hell’s Kitchen Chefs’ Barret Beyr & Anthony Rodriguez are back with a great show today.

On episode 24 of TFC, your favorite chefs are searching the web to find you some of the best information like...... Chocolate Fried Chicken??  Well its being done by a Restaurant in LA and check ..out what else they are doing with chocolate.

So apparently a nationwide study was done and it has been recognized that Food Trucks are Safer to eat at than Restaurants. The Chefs also weigh in on restaurants that BAN Children! Here's a list of a few they talked about And probably one of the weirdest stories that the Chefs have ever heard of...  Imagine working in a restaurant kitchen and then you find out that you can no longer follow your dream to be a Michelin Star Chef because..... Your Allergic to Metal??? Check out the full story that's hard to believe here.


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We're talking all things podcasting in the virtual lounge! Beats & Eats is proud to welcome podcasting pioneer Rob Walch, the VP of podcaster relations at Libsyn. For those not familiar with Libsyn, it is the gold standard for podcast hosting.  Superstar podcasters like Maron, Hardwick, and Rogan, all host their shows on Libsyn. Ty and Nick get Rob to separate the fact from fiction in the world of podcasting.  The duo talk to Walch about the many myths spread through cyberspace about what it takes to be successful in podcasting.  So whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice, this podcast is for you! It's straight talk, straight from the biggest source in podcasting!


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CFBB #1: Chefs Burmeister & Clemenza |  Comedy Podcast |  Debut Episode on B&E

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Big & Beefy are happy to be "CHEWING THE FAT" with our new podcast family on CLNS Radio & Beats & Eats Networks.

Chef Rob Burmeister A.K.A. "BIG" & Chef Clemenza Caserta Jr. A.K.A. "BEEFY" grew up together, worked together, partied together and now broadcast together. You may recognize them from some of TV’s most popular food related shows.

“BEEFY” CHEF CLEMENZA CASERTA JR. has been seen multiple movies such as “Bronx Tale” and “Great Expectations”. CHEF CLEM also has many “How To” videos on EHOW.COM, but is most recognized for being a stand out contestant on “HELL’S KITCHEN” Season 10.

“BIG” CHEF ROB BURMEISTER a.k.a “THE CULINARY RENEGADE” has been seen on TV since the 90’s. He was an audience plant for many a talk show including Sally Jesse Raphael and Morton Downey Jr .He has also appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. CHEF ROB is most recognized from his appearances on FOOD NETWORK being a contestant on “CHOPPED”,”‘SEARCH FOR THE NEXT PORK PERSONALITY”, and most recently WINNER on “CUTTHROAT KITCHEN”.

The show is a little bit ROCK & ROLL mixed with a ton of FOOD. The Chefs cover FOOD NEWS, have a daily FOOD FIGHT, and just talk about what’s going on in FOOD TRENDS. Most importantly every show has a few CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS.

LOCAL Chefs also stop by the studio and join in on the mayhem.

Podcast Contact Info (mobile App users: See "show Links" tab):


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