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On this edition of Beats & Eats, Ty and Nick climb in the Delorean and go back in time to talk 80's music with Pacific Northwest recording artist Jonathan Friedman.  Jonathan talks about his new album "Pop Rock Overflow" and how the Reagan decade influenced his life and music.  You'll hear Friedman's two singles from the new album, "Jake Ryan" and "Crazy Beautiful." Friedman also shares his experiences opening up for acts like "The Smithereens" and "Firehouse."  We also drive my co-host Nick Gelso crazy as we talk the greatness that is Hall & Oates! The virtual lounge is open, put on that Members Only jacket, order your favorite flavor of Bartles & James and turn up that Walk Man to 10, your in store for a fun "happy hour" for the mind.
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Ty Ray is out "on location in parts unknown, covering something." Ty was brave enough to leave the keys to the "Virtual Lounge" with Nick Gelso.

Gelso invited actor, Matthew Fahey, to attempt to fill Ty's clogs. Fahey welcomes his Hollywood buddy, actor Sam Lerner into the lounge. The two actors discuss young Hollywood, Indie films, episodic television and projects that they are now working on.

Lerner is the son of Hollywood legend, Ken Lerner and the nephew of actor Michael Lerner. Sam talks about growing up in a respected acting family. Lerner is now anticipating the premier of his new film, (tentatively) called, Almanac. 

Other projects Sam has worked on:

  • Saburgatory
  • Envy
  • Monster House
  • Walk on Fame
  • Nobody Walks

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Ty Ray and Nick Gelso opened the "Virtual Lounge" this evening for a quick chat with Patrick Giambra.

Giambra is a well-known DJ in Philadelphia. He is a nightlife and fashion expert. He's modeled and acted. Currently, Patrick is an employee of Steven Starr is his world-renowned restaurant conglomerate.


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DDP shocks the Hell's Kitchen Chefs with a call-in to the show. The guys discuss everything from DDP Yoga to wrestling to healthy diets. Diamond Dallas Page challenged Chef Barret to a Super Hero Pushup challenge... guess who won!


Following the DDP call-in, Anthony and Barret indulge in some good Ole' BBQ talk with someone who is considered one of the TOP PITMASTERS in the world Chef Glenn Gross from Fat Jack's BBQ in 2013 he competed in the WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS in LAS VEGAS for best burger in the world.....THE MEMPHIS MAULER finished in 3RD place for best signature burger in the world!!!!

Their last trip around the Fs lands with CEO of Julian Wines Myles Franklin for an impromptu wine tasting, on-air.

As Chef Barret said throughout the broadcast... "The show was EPIC"

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Ty and Nick get the "virtual lounge" in the holiday spirit when they welcome Grammy nominated pop pianist Jim Brickman to Beats & Eats.  The platinum selling artist talks about his new album "The Magic of Christmas" and his experiences working with some of the biggest names in music including Lady Antebellum, Michael W. Smith and many more.  Plus Jim talks about his own radio show "Your Weekend with Jim Brickman."  Grab your cup of cocoa, or maybe your best Bailey's, kick up your feet and enjoy another "Happy Hour" of the mind.

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Hell's Kitchen Chef, Michael Langdon joins Beats and Eats for another Bite.

Langdon discusses his time on Hell's Kitchen, holiday cooking tips, etc.

One Bite not to be missed!

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Hell's Kitchen Chefs, Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodruigez discuss their Hell's Kitchen memories, Thanksgiving break and what they prepared. Both chef/hosts welcomed Survivor contestant to discuss her Reality Rally Charity.

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The "Virtual Lounge" is opened slightly today to give you a sneak peak of the Lydia Cornell Show, premiering in December.

This is the pilot teaser. More teasers to follow before the premier.

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Pittston City councilman, Michael Lombardo, sits down with Nick Gelso for a chat about the rebirth of Pittston City. Pittson is a small city, situated in the heart of North East Pennsylvannia. Currently, Pittston City has become a model for the renaissance of Main Street USA. In the poor economic climate of America, this small city has become an inspiration to small towns throughout the United States.

Councilman Lombardo discusses the strategy, branding and blueprint for local communities to revive their economy, bolster community involvement, pride in your home-town and inticing businesses to plant their footprint on a main street in USA.

Sit back, enjoy your drink of choice and enjoy a very interesting discussion.

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Ty Ray opens up the lounge for a very special guest. On Thanksgiving, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, sits down with Ty to discuss a variety of topics.

Noone talks about the Beatles fame, the British invasion, Christmas music and what's on his iPod.

Sit back, grab a cocktail and enjoy listening to a rock legend.

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