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Beats and Eats is pleased to welcome Miss Asia USA Ashley Park into the virtual lounge for this week’s edition of Beats & Eats.  Park will talk about her travels so far this year while wearing the crown of Miss Asia USA.  She will also discuss her blossoming acting career.  You can find Park right now co-starring with former Beats an Eats guest Tracey Birdsall in Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter.  Nick and Ty also talk the big shake up in the Trump campaign as well as Brian Williams return to the anchor desk for a brand new nightly news show on MSNBC.  For more information on Miss USA Ashley Park check out her website, on Twitter at @xoashleypark, and on Instagram @xoashleypark.

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It’s a campaign 2016 edition of Beats and Eats.  On today’s show, Ty and Nick welcome Dr. Joe Cabosky back to the virtual lounge to discuss the state of the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Dr. Cabosky runs the CABPOLITICAL website, which aims to offer an open discussion of political data analysis without being driven by revenue.  Cabosky is an expert in political data analytics.  The three will look at Trump’s tough task to get the 270 electoral votes needed to win the white house as well the unusual states in play during this year’s election.  If you love politics, then this “happy hour for the mind” is a must listen.  For more information on Dr. Cabosky, check his out at and @cabpolitical on Twitter.

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Today On Beats and Eats, Nick and Ty are joined in the virtual lounge by The Concession Stand's Host and Fl MovieGuy JW Colwell talking all things movies, TV and pop culture.
This fast paced podcast touches on a number of  issues. The boys start with the recent revelation of problems at Warner Bros, home to the DC Cinematic Universe hits like Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and its look behind the curtain about the problems ailing this summer's box office and the film industry as a whole. They then hit the latest Star Trek and we find out he number of times Ty has been to the movies this summer. They finish up with Ty being led astray by JW about Stranger Things, this summer's Netflix series taking the world by storm.
Tune in, pour a drink and Listen up as the virtual Lounge is open!
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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside to talk podcasting with industry expert Rob Greenlee.  Greenlee, the content manager at Spreaker and Adore.Fm is a pioneer in the podcasting industry having helped usher in the new media while at Microsoft in the early 2000's. Ty and Nick talk to Rob about what the Spreaker platform has to offer podcasters, plus the exciting content available for listeners. If you're a fan of podcasting than this episode is a must.  The trio finish the show by discussing Rob's recent attendance at Podcast Movement in Chicago in early July.  The event was attended by more than 1,500 podcast enthusiasts who were updated on the industry's hottest trends by experts.  While you're listening, don't forget to check out our sponsors the and Also check us out on Twitter @coug88, @clns_nick, and @beatneats.

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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside for another Happy Hour for the mind.  On this episode, Ty and Nick talk all the pop culture trending topics.  The duo chat about the latest "Pokemon Go" craze. Ty says it's like the 90's all over again.   Other topics include the Guns & Roses reunion.  Nick believes Axl sounds as good as ever.  Ty hates the idea of the new Ghostbusters movie.  These are just some of the pop culture gems the two bandy about.  So sit back, relax, tip back and cold one and enjoy.  

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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside for a very special edition of Beats and Eats. Screen legend Dee Wallace joins Ty and Nick to talk about her iconic acting career. You saw her in some of the biggest films of the 80's including ET, Cujo and more. Dee shares some of her fondest memories working with Hollywood's biggest stars and directors.  You'll also find out how she was discovered by Steven Spielberg for role as Elliot's mom in ET.  This episode is a must for movie fans!  Plus, the trio talk about Dee's passion for helping kids with their self-esteem.  Wallace has introduced a new teddy bear called BuppaLaPaloo.  She calls the toy the most powerful bear on the planet because it delivers positive messages to kids with just the push of a paw.  And if that's not enough, Dee is also in production on Amazon Prime's Just Add Magic. The American live-action family series is now in its second season. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible conversation with a true Hollywood legend. While you’re listening don’t forget to check out our sponsors and www.80srewindcruise.

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The virtual lounge is open and you’re welcome inside to hear a great conversation on classic science fiction tv with your hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso.  On this episode of Beats and Eats, the duo talk with television icon Richard Hatch about his legendary role as Apollo on the classic “Battlestar Galatica.”  Plus, Hatch talks about this new sci-fi project “Blade Of Honor” Hatch goes over his amazing acting career which has included roles in daytime television, as well as the “Streets Of San Francisco.”  Nick and Ty conclude the show by listing their top 5 space hero’s off all-time.  There are some big time surprises, and not so big surprises on the list.  It’s a fun “Happy Hour” for the mind not to be missed for those of you who love your fiction based in outer space.  

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The virtual lounge is open and it's another "happy hour" for the mind. You're welcome inside the for a brief celebration tribute for Muhammad Ali. On the day of his funeral procession and ceremonies, Ty Ray and Nick Gelso reflect upon the American Legend's impact on the world.

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The virtual lounge is open and it's another "happy hour" for the mind. You're welcome inside the virtual lounge for a Campaign 2016 edition of Beats and Eats.  On this show, Ty and Nick discuss Hillary Clinton's historic night as she becomes the first woman ever to clinch the presidential nomination of a major party.  Plus, the two look ahead to the fall matchup between the Democrat Clinton and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.  The show concludes with a discussion with Dr, Joe Cabosky of CABPOLITCAL.  Dr. Cabosky has analyzed political data since the Obama-Romney 2012 presidential election.  The three look at the current state of the electoral map and what states could be in play for both Clinton and Trump in the fall. If you're a political junkie, then this episode of Beats and Eats is for you. Dr. Cabosky is an Assistant in the Public Relations sequence at the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina. You kind find his work at and on Twitter at @JMcabosky.

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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside  for a "social media" edition of Beats and Eats. Joining Ty and Nick is Twitter marketing strategist Madalyn Sklar.  Sklar is one of the most influential social media influencers in the country. On this episode, you will learn Sklar's top 3 steps for improving your Twitter presence. Plus, she tells us all about special tools to improve your Twitter experience. If you're in business and want to get more clients, or if you're just a novice Twitter user this episode is for you.  For more information check out Madayln on Twitter @madalynsklar and online at 



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