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The Virtual Lounge is open... Nick Gelso here. It's been quite some time since our podcast, Beats and Eats has ventured into the kitchen. Our long-time listeners may remember that Beats and Eats started as a celebrity musician podcast (the "beats) and a celebrity chef podcast (the eats).

We are proud to say that we were even nominated for a national Stitcher/Deezer award for Best Food and Wine Podcast of 2013. We lost to Alton Brown- I can honestly say that we are not embarrassed to tell people we lost to the celebrity chef.

As with any show or concept, over time it's personality evolves. Though we still talk food on occasion, BNE has really ventured into more of the celebrity interviews and trending topics genres. In 2015, we partnered up with the celebrity vacation, The 80's Cruise and, thus our subjects drove even deeper into the retro, celebrity interview genre. We will still be bringing you the best in current and retro guests but, we do intend to bring you the occasional chef again as well.

Anyway, today we venture back into the "virtual kitchen" in a fashion reminiscent of our show topics from 2012-13. We welcome Hell's Kitchen Season 15 Chef, Chad Gelso. You may notice the same last name as yours truly... well, Chad and I are related and, in this interview, we give you an insight into my past. As usual, Ty Ray asks the tough questions as he requests Chef Chad's opinions on fellow contestants, Chef Gordon Ramsay, the style of cooking and chef behaviors inspired by shows such as Hell's Kitchen.

We even ask Chad his opinions on certain controversial contestants from season 15 (Jackie?) and whether or not the show is completely legit. Listen below to find out what Chef Chad says.

If you're a Hell's Kitchen or Celebrity Chef Junkie, this truly is the episode for you. If not, listen anyway, you will get a few laughs (as usual) by Ty and Nick's sarcastic whit.

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JW Colwell fills in for Nick and Ty with his Concession Stand Movie review podcast.


Its not the unmitigated disaster its being made out to be but BATMAN vs. SUPERMAN is not the experience millions of DC comic book fans have dreamed off either. Director Zack Snyder has chosen to tonally go for a bleak DC CINEMATIC UNIVERSE, its too grim to be fun and too bleak and exhausting for thrills.


Find out what works in this film and what does not by clicking here.

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The Virtual Lounge is open...

It's a very special edition of Beats and Eats. Ty and Nick welcome stage and screen actress Chantel Riley to Beats and Eats. Chantel is a star in the new movie "Race" which tells the story of legendary runner Jesse Owens record-breaking 4 gold medals at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Owens, an African-American, embarrassed Hitler and made America proud.  Riley talks about her role in the film, as well as the recent controversy involving the Academy Awards and its lack of diversity.  It's a lively discussion, with a young and talented star not to be missed..So sit back, relax, and enjoy this "happy hour of the mind." 

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The Virtual Lounge is open...

Ahoy! On this edition of Beats and Eats, Ty and Nick take you on the high seas for the biggest and bodacious blast of the year-The 80's Cruise.  It's a show within a show, as the duo reflect on their time on the ship with the musicians and friends who made their week long adventure so special.  In addition, you'll be taken aboard the ship to hear Ty and Nick talk to the wonderful passengers and the sensational acts. They'll take you so close to the fun, you'll get a tan, and hear the music. You'll hear from the likes of a Flock of Seagulls, Tiffany, and so many more. So sit back, and pour your best tropical drink. Welcome aboard the 2016 80's Cruise with Ty and Nick.

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Children behave in the 'virtual lounge' because the legendary Tiffany is on this edition of Beats and Eats.

Nick and Ty talk to the 80's teen sensation about her monster 1987 debut album featuring the number 1 hits "I Think We're Alone Now" and “Could've Been." Plus the trio chat about her new record  and the 80's Cruise.

If you're a fan of 80's music then you won't want to miss this entertaining discussion with a legend from the decade. 

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The Virtual Lounge is open and Ty and Nick are yucking it up with comedian Alonzo Bodden. The trio talk about the upcoming 80's Cruise, Donald Trump, Cam Newton,  and L. A. Clippers basketball and much much more. So belly up to the bar and pour yourself a cold one, because Beats and Eats is open for business. 

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The Virtual Lounge is open....

Put on your best Members Only jacket your welcome inside the “virtual lounge” for another 80’s edition of Beats & Eats.  On today’s show Ty and Nick welcome actor/comedian Ennis Esmer from the hit Amazon Prime show “Red Oaks.”  The series, based in 1985, is set at the Red Oaks country club and follows the adventures of 20-year-old David Myers.   Esmer, plays Nash, the clubs womanizing tennis pro.  The cast also includes such acting icons as Paul Reiser, Gina Gershon, Richard Kind, and Jennifer Grey.   The trio discuss why the show has touched so many in such a short period of time.  Plus, Esmer talks about his love of Toronto Raptors basketball.  It’s a lively and eclectic discussion you won’t want to miss.  So crack open a Bartels & James, and take a trip back to the Reagan decade on Beats & Eats.

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Hello Concession Stand fans! January is over which means two things: Cupid is on his way and now we start getting bigger movies to be really excited about as the January dreck month is over....drum roll ....please... Here are the movies to get excited about for 2016 and the dates you can catch them at your local theater. As with anything, dates are subject to change but with most studios setting up dates 3 years in advance they probably will not!


The first three movies are equally anticipated and could each be no 1 depending on the nerd you speak to...READ REVIEWS

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The Virtual Lounge is open. On this edition of Beats and Eats Ty and Nick celebrate the 80's classic "Just One Of The Guys.“

The duo welcome actress Joyce Hyser Robinson to the virtual lounge to discuss her iconic role as Terri Griffith, the high school journalist who goes undercover as boy to show everyone that she's every bit the reporter as her male counterparts.

The three discuss how many themes in the movie are still relevant today.  Joyce voices her opinion about gender inequality and much more. Plus, don't get her started on campaign 2016!

The episode concludes with Joyce introducing Ty and Nick to one of her biggest passions, the Harold Robinson Foundation. The non-profit sends inner city youth to camp in Watts, California.

So sit back, relax, crack open a cold one, and take a trip back to 1985 on Beats and Eats. 

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Welcome "BACKSTAGE" for #JAGMondays on the Original Beats and Eats Podcast Network.

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Jeff Gutt returns to the virtual lounge! The rocker is back and bigger

than ever on this edition of Beats & Eats. Jeff talks to Nick about

his new band Rival City Heights and their debut album. Gutt reflects

on his recent trip to the Middle East and what it felt like to play in

front of sold-out crowds. if you are a fan of Jeff Gutt and rock n'

roll this show isn't to be missed. So sit back, relax, and crank up

this happy hour for the mind.

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