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Hello Concession Stand fans! January is over which means two things: Cupid is on his way and now we start getting bigger movies to be really excited about as the January dreck month is over....drum roll ....please... Here are the movies to get excited about for 2016 and the dates you can catch them at your local theater. As with anything, dates are subject to change but with most studios setting up dates 3 years in advance they probably will not!


The first three movies are equally anticipated and could each be no 1 depending on the nerd you speak to...READ REVIEWS

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The Virtual Lounge is open. On this edition of Beats and Eats Ty and Nick celebrate the 80's classic "Just One Of The Guys.“

The duo welcome actress Joyce Hyser Robinson to the virtual lounge to discuss her iconic role as Terri Griffith, the high school journalist who goes undercover as boy to show everyone that she's every bit the reporter as her male counterparts.

The three discuss how many themes in the movie are still relevant today.  Joyce voices her opinion about gender inequality and much more. Plus, don't get her started on campaign 2016!

The episode concludes with Joyce introducing Ty and Nick to one of her biggest passions, the Harold Robinson Foundation. The non-profit sends inner city youth to camp in Watts, California.

So sit back, relax, crack open a cold one, and take a trip back to 1985 on Beats and Eats. 

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Welcome "BACKSTAGE" for #JAGMondays on the Original Beats and Eats Podcast Network.

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Jeff Gutt returns to the virtual lounge! The rocker is back and bigger

than ever on this edition of Beats & Eats. Jeff talks to Nick about

his new band Rival City Heights and their debut album. Gutt reflects

on his recent trip to the Middle East and what it felt like to play in

front of sold-out crowds. if you are a fan of Jeff Gutt and rock n'

roll this show isn't to be missed. So sit back, relax, and crank up

this happy hour for the mind.

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This past week the nominees for the 2016 Academy Awards sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry. Oscar snubs for STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, CONCUSSION, BEASTS OF NO NATION and CREED snowballed into the Motion Picture Academy being called out for its institutional racism
For the second year in a row, the major acting and Best Picture categories were bereft of nominees of color. The controversy elicited calls for a boycott from: Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Spike Lee and Micheal Moore, for Host Chris Rock to step down and the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite to be on the minds of Hollywood.
Each of the snubs had a specific reason for happening that had more to do with the Oscars being SoOld than being SoWhite. 
STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON was a great film that was a box office success. It is however a younger skewing film that was nominated in the Best Screenplay Race. Hip movies often find themselves in that race instead of the Best Picture race. It looked doubly bad that both of the screenwriters nominated happened to be white adding an insult to injury.
CONCUSSION starred Will Smith and many saw him as Leonardo DiCaprio's chief competition for Beat Actor. The movie failed to resonate with voters or an audience. Smith came out looking like he was trying too hard for the statue and Old Hollywood hates that. His wife being the first person to call for boycott does Smith no favors in the future
BEASTS OF NO NATION and actor Idris Elba were early buzz candidates for Oscar Gold. It is a terrific performance by an up and coming star in a gritty important movie that was done in by release format. It was released day and date with Netflix and theaters. This streaming release method does not allow for buzz to build and is against the Hollywood model we have in place. It was roo much ro overcome in the end.
CREED was one of the films of the year with a hot young star-Micheal B. Jordan and director-Ryan Coogler but was never going to be a Best Picture nominee. The Academy loves longevity and has chosen to make the story about Stallone. He is the front runner and one of the films biggest surprises. It is a great performace by a Legend that overshadowed the young bucks.
In each of these cases, the snub had more to do with age than race. #OscarsSoOld was the hashtag that should have led this debate not #OscarsSoWhite.
Editor's Note
In a move this week in answer to the controversy, the Board of Governors for the Academy has made some widespread changes to new member policy in an attempt to bring a more diverse member pool. It is also working to clean out members who may still have voting rights but are not as active in the industry. This is a direct attmempt to bring in more color but also more importantly younger blood.
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It's an honor to welcome sports super agent Leigh Steinberg to the Virtual Lounge.  On this edition of Beats & Eats Ty and Nick talk with Lee about his beginnings as a sports agent in the 1970's.  Leigh explains how his job working with the biggest names in sports has evolved over 4 decades.  Steinberg opens up about his sports management philosophy and much more.  The episode concludes with Steinberg taking aim at the NFL's handling of concussions.  The issue is a personal one for Leigh, whose hall of fame clients Steve Young and Troy Aikman saw their careers come to an end because of a head trauma. If you are a sports fan or non-sports fan, this is an entertaining and revealing conversation with the man who inspired the hit 1996 movie "Jerry Maguire."  For more about Steinberg, check out his bestselling book: The Agent: My 40-Year Career Making Deals and Changing the Game.


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One cold morning on January 22, 1959 the belly of the Susquehanna River broke into the Knox mine, trapping 81 men underground. The cave-in causes a giant, 150ft whirlpool to form in the ice laden river above, flooding the mines below. With all known exits cut off miners scramble to find an alternative route out and escape a cold, dark, death. On the surface rescue teams unsuccessfully attempt to plug the breach by launching train cars into the massive swirling vortex, only to witness them swallowed into the mines below.

In the wake of this tragic spectacle, the obvious question became: How could this have happened?

The drama continues through the subsequent hearings as investigators try to place blame and responsibility while a community struggles to rebuild its regional economy that the flooded mines destroyed.

Knox Mine Disaster examines this coal mining tragedy that occurred in the anthracite region of northeastern Pennsylvania and sheds light into the life of the hard coal miner.  This film showcases survival through adversity -- the hope, faith, and courage needed to fight your way out of a dreadful situation.

The Project has been accepted into the International Documentary Association's fiscal sponsorship program.  The IDA is a 501(c)(3) public charity and their sponsorship allows the filmmakers of the Knox Mine Disaster to pursue tax deductible grants and donations.

The attached image is a limited edition poster drawn by artist Ben Mackey.  It is a collage of some of the charcoal style illustrations that will appear in the film.  The poster along with “Official Backer” DVDs and Blu Rays are just some of the perks being released in conjunction with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  The filmmakers are looking to raise $60,000 to finish the film and have it on the big screen by the fall of 2016.

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The Virtual Lounge is open... Sick of Trump, crazy militia men, and North Korea? Then come inside the virtual lounge  and return to the 80's with Beats and Eats guest  Paul Stroessner.  Paul has been blogging and tweeting about the Reagan decade for the past 6 years. He posts daily about the music, movies, and style that made the BIG 80's so great. So sit back, relax, but the world's problems on hold and listen to a fun discussion about parachute pants and a lot more. Plus, Nick and Ty let you know how you can still get on the 80's Cruise


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The Virtual Lounge is open... Ty and Nick give you their ever-popular weekly review of Pop-Culture and trending topics. On the board today, Donald Trump vs Bill Clinton, El Nino, Netflix Making a Murder, and much, much more. So, sit down, relax and get a laugh as we make light of some heavy topics on Beats and Eats.



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The Virtual Lounge is open... It's a “King of Pop" edition of Beats and Eats when world famous Michael Jackson impersonator Justin Dean stops by the virtual lounge.  Dean discusses what Jackson fans can expect on the upcoming 80's Cruise as well as his love of all things MJ.  During the episode, Dean recalls when he first become enamored with all things Michael Jackson as well as when he first discovered he had a career impersonating the music legend. The episode concludes with Ty and Nick talking their top 5 all-time Michael Jackson hits. So,  sit back, relax, put on your red leather jacket and sequin glove, and don't "Beat It" out of the virtual lounge. 


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The Virtual Lounge is open and bartender Scott Mitchell is serving the suds up to all you Wookies and Jedi's.  It's a Star Wars edition of Beats and Eats.  Ty and Nick are joined by Florida film guy JW Colwell to get his review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  It's a Star Wars lovevest as Colwell proclaims the reboot one of the best films in the series. The trio discuss how director J. J. Abrams and writer Lawrence Kasdan have gone back to the roots of the original film while keeping the beloved Star Wars themes fresh and relevant.  We do warn listeners there are spoilers throughout,  but we assume you've seen the movie at least twice by now. The episode concludes with Nick and JW listing their top Star Wars films in the series. If you are a Star Wars fanatic, this episode of Beats and Eats isn't to be missed.  So grab your light saber, and join the fun, the force is with you during this “happy hour for the mind.“ 


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