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The Virtual Lounge is open! You're welcome inside for another “pop culture” addition of Beats & Eats. In today's trending topics episode, Ty and Nick discuss the mess that has become the Kim Davis pep rally. The duo wonder if  the GOP has turned into the WWE on a Wrestlemania tour...? Sarah Palin is still trying to sound intelligent. Ty believes the world of reality television is destroying pop-culture. Maybe Ray is just too old for these things, but you can count on him to watch and get cranky anyway. The duo sing the praises of Queen Elizabeth II as she passes Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch of the UK. Plus they discuss Fox News, Donald Trump (of course), Princess Diana, Beck and the periscope APP. It's a short episode but covers many varied, controversial topics. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this lively discussion of the big events of the week. Is Palin done talking yet?

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