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Welcome to the Virtual Lounge. With Pope Francis midway thru his Papal Visit to the United States, it's our pleasure to welcome a Catholic charity school that is changing lives for underprivileged children. Today, Luciana Musto, Director of Advancement at NativityMiguel School of Scranton, joins us to discuss this unique, independently funded, school. Ty Ray, Nick Gelso and Luciana discuss the school, the profound affect it's had on the young students, the nuns who are changing lives and, of course, Pope Francis visit to the USA.

The Pope is now midway thru his first Papal Visit to the United States, we encourage you to check out today's podcast and all of the amazing (and unique) happenings at NativityMiguel Catholic School. As Beats and Eats listeners know, Nick Gelso is from Scranton PA. With NativityMiguel being in his "backyard," and the Pope's message of charity and goodwill to the poor and underprivlidged of the World, this episode is dear to his heart. Gelso recently had an opportunity to visit the school and was deeply moved by the power of goodwill happening in the hallways of this Jewish Temple... that's correct, this Catholic school is located in the basement of the Synagogue!

We are so proud to speak with Lucy about the great things happening at this small school, changing lives in North East PA.

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