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The Virtual Lounge is open and you’re welcome inside to talk the 2016 presidential campaign with a political legend-Roger Stone Jr.  Ty and Nick talk with Roger about his new book The Clinton’s War on Women- Purchase here.”  The author alleges that former President Bill Clinton has been assaulting women since his college days at Oxford and his wife has been covering it up for years.   In the episode you’ll hear why Stone thinks Hillary isn’t a “shoe in” to win the Democratic nomination.  The trio also discuss Stone’s departure from the Donald Trump campaign.  Was he FIRED or did he quit? You’ll hear all about it during the show.  The episode concludes with another Stone bombshell-there was a second gunman that shot Ronald Reagan!  Stone dishes on his new book that he says is all about the “Bush Crime Family.”  Whether you agree with Stone or not, you won’t want to miss this lively episode of Beats & Eats. Pre order Roger Stone's new book, Jeb and the Bush Crime Family here

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