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The Virtual Lounge is open... Nick Gelso here. It's been quite some time since our podcast, Beats and Eats has ventured into the kitchen. Our long-time listeners may remember that Beats and Eats started as a celebrity musician podcast (the "beats) and a celebrity chef podcast (the eats).

We are proud to say that we were even nominated for a national Stitcher/Deezer award for Best Food and Wine Podcast of 2013. We lost to Alton Brown- I can honestly say that we are not embarrassed to tell people we lost to the celebrity chef.

As with any show or concept, over time it's personality evolves. Though we still talk food on occasion, BNE has really ventured into more of the celebrity interviews and trending topics genres. In 2015, we partnered up with the celebrity vacation, The 80's Cruise and, thus our subjects drove even deeper into the retro, celebrity interview genre. We will still be bringing you the best in current and retro guests but, we do intend to bring you the occasional chef again as well.

Anyway, today we venture back into the "virtual kitchen" in a fashion reminiscent of our show topics from 2012-13. We welcome Hell's Kitchen Season 15 Chef, Chad Gelso. You may notice the same last name as yours truly... well, Chad and I are related and, in this interview, we give you an insight into my past. As usual, Ty Ray asks the tough questions as he requests Chef Chad's opinions on fellow contestants, Chef Gordon Ramsay, the style of cooking and chef behaviors inspired by shows such as Hell's Kitchen.

We even ask Chad his opinions on certain controversial contestants from season 15 (Jackie?) and whether or not the show is completely legit. Listen below to find out what Chef Chad says.

If you're a Hell's Kitchen or Celebrity Chef Junkie, this truly is the episode for you. If not, listen anyway, you will get a few laughs (as usual) by Ty and Nick's sarcastic whit.

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