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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside for a very special edition of Beats and Eats. Screen legend Dee Wallace joins Ty and Nick to talk about her iconic acting career. You saw her in some of the biggest films of the 80's including ET, Cujo and more. Dee shares some of her fondest memories working with Hollywood's biggest stars and directors.  You'll also find out how she was discovered by Steven Spielberg for role as Elliot's mom in ET.  This episode is a must for movie fans!  Plus, the trio talk about Dee's passion for helping kids with their self-esteem.  Wallace has introduced a new teddy bear called BuppaLaPaloo.  She calls the toy the most powerful bear on the planet because it delivers positive messages to kids with just the push of a paw.  And if that's not enough, Dee is also in production on Amazon Prime's Just Add Magic. The American live-action family series is now in its second season. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible conversation with a true Hollywood legend. While you’re listening don’t forget to check out our sponsors and www.80srewindcruise.

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