Beats and Eats
Today On Beats and Eats, Nick and Ty are joined in the virtual lounge by The Concession Stand's Host and Fl MovieGuy JW Colwell talking all things movies, TV and pop culture.
This fast paced podcast touches on a number of  issues. The boys start with the recent revelation of problems at Warner Bros, home to the DC Cinematic Universe hits like Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and its look behind the curtain about the problems ailing this summer's box office and the film industry as a whole. They then hit the latest Star Trek and we find out he number of times Ty has been to the movies this summer. They finish up with Ty being led astray by JW about Stranger Things, this summer's Netflix series taking the world by storm.
Tune in, pour a drink and Listen up as the virtual Lounge is open!
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