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The "virtual lounge' is open and hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso are proud to welcome political legend Bob Shrum to Beats and Eats.  You've seen Shrum as a regular on MSNBC as well as Meet The Press, and now Shrum shares his insight into Election 2016 on this episode.  Shrum has worked as a consultant on countless Democratic campaigns, as well as John Kerry's 2004 presidential bid.  The three will discuss such topics as Hillary Clinton's email controversy, Donald Trump's many gaffes, as well as Shrum's more than 40 years in politics. If you love politics, then this episode isn't to be missed.  Shrum even shares the amazing story about crafting Ted Kennedy's historic concession speech at the 1980 Democratic Convention.  To find out more about Bob follow him at Twitter @bobshrum.  You can also help keep the lights on in the virtual lounge by checking out our sponsor  Please follow us at @coug88, @clns_nick, and @beatneats.

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