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CLNS Radio & Beats and Eats hosted the Global Day of Discovery, in June. Emcee of the  LIVE NBA Draft Party, to celebrate Day of Discovery at Marriott Renaissance. Renaissance and Stitcher hired Ty Ray and Nick Gelso to emcee their week-long festivities at their Waterfront Property, in the Seaport District of Boston.

The festivities were a major success as Celtics fans filed in to the Renaissance Capice lounge by the dozens. What an interesting night, witnessing a variety of business travelers, tourists, corporate guests and sports fans, proudly dawning their Celtics jerseys.

The event at Waterfront made it apparent that people love consuming podcasts, yet a sense of curiousity still exists in the production elements. Having hosted their live podcast at the Marriott event, people were entertained but also educated on the fact that podcasting, much like terrestrial radio's live-remote events at businesses, sports bars and even fine dining restaurants, boutique gift shops... podcasting via Beats and Eats/CLNS Radio is more affordable, yet packs more punch in a style where endorsements actually mean something!

As we are moving into the 2014-15 entertainment and professional sports seasons, we are now accepting FREE CLIENT CONSULTS to discuss and customize your next event!

In this episode of Beats and Eats, CLNS Radio reporter, Cory Prescott sat down for an in-depth conversation, with Ty Ray, on how CLNS/BNE went from an amateur sports blog, to a full time, nationally recognized sports and entertainment media companies.

Ty Ray also goes deep into his past ventures, and how his relationship with Nick Gelso and CLNS blossomed from an on-air personality, to Program Director, to co-owner and eventually, co-founder of the entertainment podcast network, Beats and Eats.

If you'd like to inquire about hiring CLNS Radio and/or Beats and Eats to represent your brand, by emceeing your next function, please email our professional sales staff at OR you can call our business offices at 570-814-4424.


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