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Today, we are starting a double header podcast series with our friend, and fellow podcaster, Brian from Profitcast Universe.

Brian launched Profitcast with the desire to learn and share his findings on how to profit with your podcast and grow a large and loyal audience!

Our intention was to discuss all the happenings over at Brian's website. As with most things in the Beats and Eats Virtual Lounge, Ty Ray, Nick and Brian got off on a soap box and the episode quickly morphed into a discussion about who are the REAL Podcast Experts?

The second half of this Podcast Double-Dip will air on Tuesday, as Nick Gelso joined Brian's Profitcast Podcast for a lengthy interview on podcast consultation, tips and laughs.

Grab your ear buds, hop on the treadmill and join us for a run through the current state of the podcast consultation industry.


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