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Bartender Scott Mitchell has the boom box turned up to 10 in the virtual loungeNick Gelso (follow on Twitter) and Ty Ray (follow on Twitter) have the 80's inspired music of LA's Fire Tiger blasting.  The duo welcome Tiff Alkouri and James Ramsey to Beats & Eats (follow BnE Podcast on Twitter) for a discussion about the groups 10 track album "Energy" (watch official music video for "energy")

Alkouri and Ramsey talk about the origins of Fire Tiger, their love for 80's music, and the challenges of being a retro group in the current music scene. Plus Nick manages to mention William Shatner and Queen during the show. Imagine that.

If you love 80's music then you won't want to miss out on this episode.  Fire Tiger proudly keeps the 80's alive and well  with their fresh take on the decade.  So sit back, relax, pour your drink of choice (Bartles & James maybe) and enjoy this energetic happy hour for the mind.

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