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Nick and Ty bust out the skinny suits and slim ties in this edition of Beats and Eats!  The duo toast martini's and preview the upcoming season of Mad Men.  The award winning AMC drama is its final run and Ray and Gelso look at what's ahead for Don, Peggy, Megan.  Plus Ty and Nick welcome great character actor Spencer Garrett into the virtual lounge.  You've seen him in blockbuster films such as Iron Man 3 and Air Force One as well as on tv in Mad Men, House of Cards, Star Trek and countless other prime time shows.  Garrett chats about working with the likes of Kevin Spacey and being mistaken for Seth MacFarlane.  It's a great listen.  Plus Nick shows his Star Trek geekiness!  So grab a martini, and do as Don Draper would want you to do, live a little.

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Help Beats & Eats - Take our Short Suvey

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