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The "virtual lounge" is open following a successful road trip to Boston for  special Beats & Eats event at the beautiful Renaissance Waterfront Hotel.  On this episode Ty and Nick share their experiences at the Renaissance and the City of Boston.  First you'll hear all about the amazing Global Day of Discovery event hosted by the duo at the Renaissance.  Plus, Ray and Gelso tell you why it's important to use the right kind of GPS while exploring a major city like Boston.  Finally, Ty and Nick conclude with a conversation about Bar Rescue television host John Taffer.  Is Taffer good for the industry? Is his conduct on television on the show an accurate portrayal of the restaurant business? These are just some of the questions the two examine on this restaurant/edition of Beats & Eats.



If you're a fan of the hotel/restaurant industry this show is a must.  Belly up to the bar, ask bartender Scott Mitchell for your drink of choice, and enjoy this happy hour for the mind.


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