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B&E Bite: Chef Jack Godwin | Restaurant Community at Beaumont Inn

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jack Godwin, of the Beaumont Inn. Beats & Eats listeners may remember that Jack was our first "celebrity" chef to join Beats & Eats. Listeners also know that Beaumont and Beats & Eats seem to sing together as we launched our new podcast network at the same time Beaumont Inn was establishing their new dining estate in northeast PA.

Chef Jack is not just the saute chef at Beaumont, he is also very much invested in the property on the estate.

A little over a year later, I checked in with Chef, Beaumont Inn Historian, Grounds Manager and Fly Fishing instructor, Jack Godwin. Godwin and I discussed the next phase, in the second year from when the community first broke ground at Beaumont.

Show Notes:


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