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The "virtual lounge" is open and today we are diving into a REAL LIFE "Shark Tank..."

Nick is pleased to welcome, Philip Gelso into the "Virtual Lounge" for today's B&E Bite. Gelso is the CEO of Broadleaf Capital. He is an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance. Philip Gelso can be considered the REAL LIFE Shark Tank investor.

This episode is a fascinating look inside the business life of entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Donald Trump and the panel of the hit TV show, Shark Tank.

Mr. Gelso will be launching a 'mastermind' on Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Finance. In order to maintain a high level of service and consultation for his new community, he is going to limit participants a very select group of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Gelso is limiting participants to TEN (10) people! You can be placed on his waiting list by contacting the Beats & Eats mailbag here.

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