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The Virtual Lounge is open. The bottles are corked, and the vino is flowing...

Tom Holton has been a mainstay in the wine and spirits business for decades. The brands Tom represents are found in some of the hottest dining establishment and hotels, throughout the Poconos, north east PA and Philadelphia area.

Tom travels the eastern tier of Pennsylvania, consulting beverage managers and restauranteurs; conducting premier wine dinners for his clients customers.

Recently, Beats & Eats Executive Chefs' Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodriguez, caught up with Holton, at one of his sought-after wine dinners. This dinner took place at Palazzo 53 in Pittston City, PA. The former Hell's Kitchen contestants were recording one of their Chef Table Reviews which, coincidentally was being hosted by Tom Holten.


Show Notes:

E-Blast Poster for B&E 3-26-14


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