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Beats & Eats Celebrity Chef Cookbook Entry 4

Chef Chris Barcia, Palazzo 53

Chef Chris Barcia and I go a long way back. Actually, Chris' wife Beth is still a very close friend. The couple owns Palazzo 53.

Palazzo 53 has become the anchor of a renaissance growth on Main Street, in Pittston PA. Several months back I had the privilege of interviewing Councilman Michael Lombardo about the rebirth of Main St. USA and he mentioned Palazzo as one of the keys to Pittston, becoming a model for other small cities in North East PA (NEPA).

Chris was my Executive Chef, at Gelpia'z Restaurant. He taught me how to "restaurant cook" and I credit him as the Exec during my restaurants most profitable years. Like a class reunion, Chris and I veer the subject-matter of today's interview to the key ingredients of success (beyond just good food and service) in today's
restaurant industry. Additionally, Chris teases our audience about Kimberly McCullough (Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake) of ABC's "General Hospital," who is our guest on Friday's episode of Beats and Eats. What does the soap star have to do with Chef Barcia and Palazzo53? Well, Chris and Beth secured Kim's appearance on B&E. McCullough has many local ties to NEPA and will be conducting a Q&A, with local soap fans and industry professionals, at Palazzo 53 on this Saturday, May 17th.

So sit back, learn a little about the life of a successful Executive Chef, while he explains his inspirations and influences behind his recipe submission; Crab Stuff Avocado (see below).


Recipe of the Week:

Palazzo 53

Jumbo Lump Crab Stuffed Avocado

Crab stuffed avocado - 620x350


  • Dole Golden Delicious Pineapple- 3 slices
  • Hass Avocado -halved
  • Jumbo Lump Crabmeat- 6 to 8 pieces
  • Red onion- sliced
  • Red & yellow pepper- matchstick cut
  • Fresh basil- chiffonade
  • Arugula- for garnish
  • Olive oil – 2 Tablespoons
  • Salt & pepper
  • Lemon juice- 1 Tablespoon


  • Pineapple garnish bottom of plate
  • Half avocado- to test ripeness you should be able to
    indent your finger with minimal pressure to skin of avocado
  • Toss all other ingredients
  • Fill avocado

Chris Barcia

Palazzo 53

53 S Main St

Pittston, PA

follow on FB, Twitter & Instagram

Open Tues-Sat @5:00 for dinner

Full bar, 24 wines by the glass, additional 20 bottle service


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