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Beats & Eats Celebrity Chef Cookbook Entry II:

Chef Jim Guasto, 279 Bar & Grill

People often ask me, how did you get hooked up with Hell's Kitchen Chefs?

The answer is pretty simple.

My client and friend, Chef Jim Guasto, broke into the restaurant business, with his owning and operating the kitchen in swanky sports bar, and ultra gastro lounge, 279 Bar and Grille. Much like the John Taffers and Chef Gordon Ramsays of the world, Guasto transformed this freezer to fryer, sports bar, to what it is today; a space to chill out, in a relaxed environment, right at the bar next door....READ MORE ON GUASTO | 279 BAR


Recipe of the Week:

Sea Bass Entree 4-28-14

Grilled Mako over Mango Risotto with Tri Colored Bell Pepper and Pineapple Salsa. (Feel free to fix as needed. Rushed but didn't wanna screw u)


  • 6-8oz filet of Mako (skinless) Salt and pepper to season. After grilling or saute, little lemon, butter and veg stock to finish in oven.
  • Mango Risotto...All our risotto is based off of a basic vegetable stock (mirepoix, bay leaves, peppercorns, salt, extra vegetable scraps, herbs). Risotto is gluten free, so I prefer to be vegan as well to suit customers.

For Risotto. 2cups Arborio rice, petite dice white onion, white pepper, white wine. Make onions translucent with a little olive oil, add Arborio, slightly toast, deglaze w white wine, season and keep adding stock to achieve texture desired.

For Mango Salsa. Add two labels of fresh mango juice and bring up exactly like stock. Fold in fresh cut mango. No cream.

For Pineapple Salsa. One fresh pineapple, one red bell pepper, one yellow bell pepper, one green bell pepper, small amount of very petite diced red onion, fresh pineapple juice, two dashes of sherry vinegar, salt and pepper to taste.

For Plating. Place mango risotto in middle of plate, Mako on top, spoon desired amount of salsa. Preferably w slotted spoon and use salsa juice as desired

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