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Welcome "BACKSTAGE" for the Pilot Episode of #JAGMondays on the Original Beats and Eats Podcast Network.

#JAGMondays will be recorded the last week of each month.

The PREMIUM 60+ minute VIDEO version will be released the last Friday of every month. The FREE 30-minute AUDIO ONLY version will be released on the 1st Monday of every month, and thus the theme, #JAGMondays! In future episodes, we will be going inside the life of Jeffrey Gutt OFF-STAGE.

We will also put a strong focus on things that are important in Jeff's life OFF-STAGE, including musical influences, sports, his family, friends and more personal stuff.

In the coming weeks, JAG, and the BnE boys, will be instituting a "Twitter Bag" so you, the #JAGarmy, can submit your questions for Jeff. If we choose your question, we will read your name and Twitter handle on the popular Beats and Eats airwaves! We may even have occasional LIVE Q&A sessions with Jeff and you the fans, via Google Hangout!

Episode 1: #JAGMondays Premium Video Version

Gutt-YouTubeIn this inaugural episode of #JAGMondays, Ty and Nick chat with Jeff about Led Zeppelin stealing their hits, Gutt's youth, some sports talk and JAG's current projects and the Beats and Eats Music Festival in Michigan.

Jeff also goes in-depth on the difficulties of song/music composition, while your band mates are spread throughout the USA.

If you have friends, friends, co-workers and fellow rock and roll diehards, that you feel would be interested in #JAGMondays, please send them THIS LINK.

Thanks again for your support of Jeff Gutt and everyone at the Beats and Eats Podcast Network!

We'll cya for September's edition of #JAGMondays, tentatively scheduled for September 26th [PREMIUM] release and October 6th [FREE] release - mark your calendars now!

All our Best!


Ty Ray, Nick Gelso and JEFF GUTT

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