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The virtual lounge is open and today, actress Lydia Cornell takes over for the Beats and Eats boys. Joining Lydia is yours truly, Nick Gelso.

When Lydia informed me that celebrity Chef Jason Roberts would be joining us, I was tickled. After speaking with Jason on the show, I was quite taken back by the amount of similarities between our stories. Chef Jas is a great success story and he's using his success to help others become HEALTHY foodies. Chef is not just focusing on foodies either,  Jas has made it a mission to promote healthy living in the way foods are grown, handled, etc. Roberts is focusing on the environment and even had a really interesting take on how bees affect the quality of the food we eat as well. Organic? Of course we touch on that topic. Gluten Free? Yep, focus on that as well. If you're a health conscious foodie, this is the episode for you. Oh! And Lydia shocks everyone as she is a closet chef, foodie! This show literally tickled me and has inspired me to consider launching a FOOD ONLY podcast- stay tuned! My mission: Convince Chef Jas to join me in this journey- the dude rocks!

Prior to Chef Jason, Cornell and Gelso touch on everything from depression to NASA to SNL40 to Brian Williams' current mess- no exaggerations here (that was low- lol).

This is one of my favorite episodes in a long time and I hope fans of Beats and Eats (and Lydia Cornell) share Lyd's and my enthusiasm! If you'd like to become a guest on the Lydia Cornell Show, simply email We are currently taking emails from every-day-people with not-so-every-day stories. Shoot us an email with your story. We will get back to you either way. Lydia responds to all of her fans. I respond to everyone- fan or not (lol)... I'm just looking to meet new peeps.

Enjoy the show.

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