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Lydia Cornell Show #5  Jim J. Bullock | Growing Up Gay in America | HIV - AIDS | Too Close for Comfort


80's STARS REUNITE: Jim J. Bullock joins Lydia Cornell on the Beats and Eats ‪#‎Podcast‬ Network Tuesday, May 14th!

In a fascinating podcast episode, former 80's co-stars, Lydia Cornell and Jim J. Bullock

reunite. You remember Sarah Rush and Monroe from 1980's fame, Too Close for Comfort...

Tuesday, Lydia and Jimmy will take you, the Beats & Eats listeners, inside their live, back in their 1980's sitcom fame. Lydia and JJB also have intimate discussions regarding such personal stories as, growing up gay in America, living with HIV, and their crazy lives on the hottest TV show on the early/mid 80's. You will hear never before told stories about Ted Knight, drugs, sex, Hollywood, and the story behind Too Close for Comfort.

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