Beats and Eats

The Tech Life with host Rich Conte brings you an insider's view of life in today's fastest growing technology markets.  We will be bringing you guests spanning a wide range of industry roles and locations and they’ll be sharing the perspective and experiences that matter to you. Whether you're interested in starting a career in technology or already in the industry and considering a change, you won’t want to miss it.

This episode of the Tech Life features Job Market Maker CEO Joe Hanna and VP of Business Development Paul Lyons. Joe and Paul share their inspiration behind redefining recruiting; debunk traditional recruitment methods; explain their target market; describe the challenges and lessons learned as entrepreneurs; and speak to the collaborative, emerging Charleston market.

 Job Market Maker serves employers and candidates with innovative software solutions to recruit talent, close skill gaps, and enhance careers. Its cloud-based platform mediates all phases of the talent placement process using industry intel and predictive analytics to maximize efficiency and transparency. Combining a powerful data-driven engine with a clean, intuitive interface, the goal is to redefine how qualified candidates are identified, assessed, selected, and developed. 

 “It’s for people looking for jobs and employers looking for candidates with a couple twists…” - Job Market Maker CEO Joe Hanna