Beats and Eats

- Warning: This episode contains some explicit language -

Hey there Triple F’ers! The Hell’s Kitchen Chefs’ Barret Beyr & Anthony Rodriguez are back with a great show today.

On episode 24 of TFC, your favorite chefs are searching the web to find you some of the best information like...... Chocolate Fried Chicken??  Well its being done by a Restaurant in LA and check ..out what else they are doing with chocolate.

So apparently a nationwide study was done and it has been recognized that Food Trucks are Safer to eat at than Restaurants. The Chefs also weigh in on restaurants that BAN Children! Here's a list of a few they talked about And probably one of the weirdest stories that the Chefs have ever heard of...  Imagine working in a restaurant kitchen and then you find out that you can no longer follow your dream to be a Michelin Star Chef because..... Your Allergic to Metal??? Check out the full story that's hard to believe here.


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