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- Warning: This episode contains some explicit language -

Chef's Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez are back this week with Episode 25 of Triple F with The Chef and this week take a slightly different approach to the show. This week they welcome a special Chef from Rhode Island that has defeated most odds with his passion for food and more importantly giving back to his community and also giving troubled youth a place where they can turn to and have a mentor to look up to. Chef Thomas Hunold of Rhode Island is helping structure a culinary program with the non profit organization The Billy Taylor House . listen in to the amazing things that are being done for the youth in his community and how this Chef has taken charge to not be a statistic instead he is an inspiration. to donate to The Billy Taylor House Non Profit please visit their website .

Also the Chef's talk about a fundraiser that Chef Barret is doing along with his non profit organization Bullying We're Kickin it and how he is trying to raise money for a Food Truck to travel the northeast and beyond spreading the word of Anti Bullying. The truck will be used to be present at different events across the country and also offer cooking programs for any troubled youth and offer them a skill and outlet to be creative while building up their self esteem and mentoring them. to Donate and learn more about the mission behind Chef Barret's Fundraiser please click here and remember "Sharing is Caring But Donating is Motivating"

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