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- Warning: This episode contains some explicit language -

Ever wonder what a how a business would run if it used only the Honor System? This weeks the chefs talk about The Vault, a North Dakota coffee shop that has no staff to speak of. Patrons prepare their own coffee or tea, see the price listed and leave money on the counter. There is also a credit card reader and a deposit slot for checks. S what do you think? Do people actually pay more than they just take?
"Man Finds Food" should change it's name to "Man Loses Show." After a large Instagram controversy Travel Channel has pulled form its lineup the new Adam Richman show. Anthony and Barret discuss the terrible replies sent out by the former "Man Vs Food" host and wonder how it all started over a simple hashtag.Check out the #Hashtag that stirred up some major controversy here

Is 7-11 stores jumping on the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos bandwagon, or maybe a variation of that? check out what new item they released in stores nationally on July 2nd.... which just happens to be the perfect timing before a holiday weekend when everyone will be out drinking... could this be the perfect one bite wonder to satisfy your hunger

To wrap this episode up they speak with Chef Mike Carrino #ChoppedChampion and owner of Pig & Prince Restaurant & Gastro Lounge.
Chef Carrino raises the bar on the farm-to-table concept. He cures his own meats, frequents local farmers markets, helps in the operation of a local greenhouse and proactively works with breeders assisting in raising the livestock that appear on the menus at Pig & Prince. Close involvement with these sources enables him to offer the most superior quality meats, poultry, produce and charcuterie possible. check out more info and book your next reservation now at WWW.PIGANDPRINCE.COM and follow them on Instagram @Pig_and_prince and also @Culinarymercenary Check out their Facebook Page for up and coming events and Specials :
Pig & Prince
1 Lackawanna Plaza
Montclair, N.J. 07042

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