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- Warning: This episode contains some explicit language -

Triple F with The Chef Host's Chef Barret Beyer and Chef Anthony Rodriguez return with another outstanding episode this week in Ep: 28. The Chefs have a special guest on this week that tells you about a little pill to rid all of the DRAMA in your life... Check out the just whats behind this little "Super Drug" Dramamine and learn a little bit more about the girl behind the Video MollyAnn Wymer on facebook Instagram and twitter @Mollyannwymer and her fight against #Domestic Violence.

The Chefs find some interesting topics to talk about as well.... imagine starting a Kickstarter account trying to raise $10 to just simply make Potato Salad... and end up raising $70,000!!!! also Guy Fieri must not be one of the smartest business men in the world when it comes to his staple restaurant in NYC... listen in to what one man did to Fieri without him even knowing about it.


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