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-Warning: This episode contains some explicit language -

Triple F with The Chef continues this week with Ep: 29 and again in the topic headlines is #kickstarter and yet another account that was started with wanting to raise a minimal amount of money ($50,000) and has exceeded their minimum 100 fold. check out how much the "Coolest" cooler has raised and is still raising ..
Are you a fan of new #technology .. well these #Bluetooth enabled Recording #Headphones are guaranteed to make your head spin... and you can pre order them TODAY right here

Lays chips:
Remember when the only flavor of chips was potato! Lays has announced their final 4 in this years pick a new Lays Flavor Competition. Wasabi Ginger? Mango Salsa? Bacon Mac & Cheese? Cappuccino? Your favorite chefs talk their opinion and wonder... Who is gonna win that million bucks for submitting the winning flavor.
Retarded selfie toaster:
Think you're a little full of yourself? Well how would you like to be actually full... of yourself? Barret and Anthony talk about the next trend of Selfies and how Vermont Novelty Toaster Corp. is paving the way for what is sure to be..... useless and ridiculous. Tune in!

And to close out the show the Chef's are joined by Chef Joy from #HellsKitchen season 12, if you watched last weeks episode you will know that she was the first Chef to ever walk out of Hell's Kitchen on her own free will AFTER earning a Black Jacket.. listen in why on tonight's episode and follow her on social media
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