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It's a Beats & Eats special for New Years! The best of the 80's.  Ty and Nick have had some of the biggest stars from the decade in the "virtual lounge" since the establishment opened for business in 2013.  The guest list for New Years includes actor Michael Pare, actor Gary Sandy, rock legend Eddie Money, MTV VJ Alan Hunter, and Entertainer Adrian Zmed.  So grab your 80's themed drink, a fuzzy navel or sex on the beach, and ring in 2014 with Ty and Nick!
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Hell's Kitchen celebrity chefs, Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodriguez, discuss a variety of restaurant industry topics, trends for foodies, New Years resolutions and their Chef Challenge to win cash!

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With the news that broke late Friday night that Phil Robertson's suspension has been lifted by A&E, Ty Ray and Nick Gelso sounded off on the Duck Dynasty win over civil rights.

Ty and Nick realize that this is a very heated topic that's created quite a stir on social media. Whether you agree with Ty and I, OR not, we really want to hear from you.

Feel free to tweet your opinion on this episode:

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The "virtual lounge" is truly all about Beats & Eats on this edition of the show.  Ty and Nick welcome legendary Foghat bass player and chef Craig MacGregor.  MacGregor talks about the joys of playing in front of fans and Foghat's brand new live dvd "Live In St. Pete."  Plus, Mac chats about the bands incredible 4 decade longevity that has included the rock classics "Slow Ride" and "Fool For The City."  Then to cap off the visit, MacGregor talks about his passion for cooking! Oh and it wouldn't be  "happy hour" with Ray and Gelso's list of the top 5 live bands of all-time! Sit back, relax, pour yourself a nice holiday drink, you're in for a treat.

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The "virtual lounge" is a serious place on this edition of Beats & Eats.  
Ray and Gelso welcome longtime GOP strategist and author Roger Stone to the program.  Stone, a former aide to Richard Nixon, a veteran of many political campaigns, and a participant in the 2000 Florida Presidential recount, joins Ty and Nick to discuss his book The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.  
The colorful Stone outlines Johnson's role in the assassination, while presenting evidence he believes supports his findings.  This fascinating conversation is a look into power and corruption at the highest level. This edition of Beats & Eats is not to be missed!  Stone, Ray, and Gelso also chat about the current state of the Republican Party as well as the Duck Dynasty controversy. It's tough to do, but Stone manages to leave Ray and Gelso speechless.

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Lydia Cornell premiers her pilot episode of On the Edge with Lyda Cornell. Lydia is an AFI Best Actress nominee, People's Choice Award winner, and international star of over 250 TV shows and films in 27 countries, best known as the star of ABC's hit series Too Close For Comfort as TV legend Ted Knight’s daughter, and one of the most popular sex symbols on TV.

Lydia Cornell welcomes Beats & Eats hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso to her show.  The trio discuss the recent controversial anti-gay comments by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson during an interview with GQ magazine, and examine the lack of women's roles in Hollywood.    It's a serious discussion with the light touch only Lydia can provide.  Everyone's welcome!

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Celebrity Chefs, Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez are bringing Hell's Kitchen to YOUR Kitchen...

The former HK contestants are putting together an interactive contest for YOU to tell them what to cook and win a $50 Visa Gift Card!

All is explained in this mini-podcast-promo.

Click here for the link to listen to Thursday's LIVE broadcast of Triple F with the Chef. There, you will find the ingredient list and all the fun facts on how you can win CASH from the Celebrity Chefs!

Link to Live Show:

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The "virtual lounge" is once again invaded by the Hell's Kitchen Chefs.

Chef Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodriguez discuss a variety of food and pop-culture related topics. They also welcome co-founder/co-owner of Dirty Couture, the official clothing line of the Jersey Shore's Pauly D.

Later in the show, the boys welcome actor, voice-over talent, Josh Flitter. Interesting conversation about acting, his experiences with Robin Williams and he even gives his best PeeWee Herman impersonation.

Lastly, the HK chefs close out the show with there culinary rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas.

This is one show not to be missed.

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The "virtual lounge' welcomes Beaumont Inn Chef Jeff Huntzinger back by popular demand.  Hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso chat with Jeff about the holiday menu, plus get Jeff's take on the restaurant biz during the Christmas season.  Ty and Nick wrap up the episode by examining the recent Sysco - Us Foods merger and what it means to the restaurant industry. How does Amazon fit into food distribution?

Great restaurant consultation from the "Restaurant Therapist," Nick Gelso and veteran radio/TV personality, Ty Ray.


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The lounge is open...

After an overwhelming amount of downloads and support for our recent interview with the 80's, all female, metal band Vixen, we decided to open the lounge for a special podcast.

Tonight, Ty Ray and Nick Gelso look at their TOP FIVE favorite female rock & roll vocalists.

Following their top 5, the boys discuss the trending question of "Is Santa Claus black or white?" - silly, right? That's what we're all about... a happy hour for your mind.



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Raise your lighters and get out the Aqua Net.  The "virtual lounge" is filled with the sounds of 80's hair metal as hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso visit with Vixen rock band lead singer Janet Gardner.

Ray and Gelso ask Gardner about her chart topping success with one of the few female rock acts as Vixen prepares for a 2014 reunion tour.


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This edition of Beats & Eats heads to Miami where Ty and Nick welcome country recording artist Tim Charron into the "virtual lounge."  Tim talks about Island life,  his new record "Chasing the Sun" and touring with music stars like Bret Michaels and Scotty McCreery. Oh and wait until you hear Charron's stories about Bono and Limp Bizkit!
Sit back, relax, and have bartender Scott Mitchell serve you a cold Corona with a twist of lime.  It's the "happy hour" for the mind South Beach style.
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Hell's Kitchen Chef's, Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodriquez, talk food, fitness, and fashion.  They are joined on this episode by Nora Schweihs from VH1 Mob Wives Chicago.

In addition to Nora, the celebrity chefs introduce their new show chat room. They also discuss food trends and simply goof off.

Get an inside look (and lots of laughs) into your two favorite contestants from season 11 of Hell's Kitchen.

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Hello Friends,

As you may know, Beats & Eats launched our iTunes and Stitcher podcast feeds in October of this year.

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Since our launch, we have enjoyed a growing audience of faithful and devoted listeners. Beats & Eats has been featured on the front page of iTunes for 2 months. B&E is also ranked #9 in the Pop Culture category of iTunes as well - thank you! We have been humbled by the over-whelming amount of ratings, reviews and subscriptions on iTunes. You have been the inspiration for Ty and I to keep bringing you high-quality guests, 7 days per week. Your loyalty, interactive involvement in our Facebook group, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter account has sparked the attention of the celebrity community! Not to leave out, you daily downloads help a lot too.

As you know, in just 2 short months, The Beats & Eats Community have welcomed numerous notable names to our list of growing podcasts. In early November, Hell's Kitchen Chefs, Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodriguez joined the family. Beyer and Rodriguez host Triple F with the Chef, a weekly podcast with a focus on food, fashion and fitness. The renowned chefs welcome celebrity guests and take your calls in a live broadcast format.

Former co-star of MTV Awkward, actor and producer, Matthew Fahey is releasing the pilot episode of his pop culture and sports show, Spotlight Sports. Matt will be joined in the virtual studio by his brother Jozef Fahey. The Fahey brothers will bring you top-notch celebrity guests from young Hollywood.

Former 80's sitcom star, sex symbol and advocate for many charities, Lydia Cornell is in post production for her podcast, On the Edge with Lydia Cornell. Lydia and friends have already released their first teaser promo on the Beats & Eats podcast feed. With several more creative teasers in production, expect Lydia's first full episode to be released in the in the coming weeks.

As a family, Beats & Eats has pledged to bring you the best in pop culture, comedy, food, sport and guests. We are now asking you for your help and not without giving back to you for your loyalty.

Our favorite podcast APP, Stitcher, has opened the voting period for their annual podcast awards. We ask that you vote Beats & Eats for at least the "Best New Podcast" award. However, we'd love to have you "nod of approval" (fancy way of saying vote - duh lol) for any and all of the categories listed in the competition that apply to our format.

Click here to nominate Beats & Eats. It's free, takes 60 seconds and helps us for a life-time!

It's so easy and we are still willing to give back to you for helping us!

As a bonus Holiday Gift, for being so cool and allowing us into your iPods, smart phones, offices, homes and cars, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to win a $100 Visa gift card.

Don't worry, we are not bribing you to vote for us (lol). We are only looking for some feedback from you.

See the contest parameters below and thank you again!


Nick Gelso

Here's how to win the $100 Visa Card:

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On this edition of Beats & Eats, Ty and Nick climb in the Delorean and go back in time to talk 80's music with Pacific Northwest recording artist Jonathan Friedman.  Jonathan talks about his new album "Pop Rock Overflow" and how the Reagan decade influenced his life and music.  You'll hear Friedman's two singles from the new album, "Jake Ryan" and "Crazy Beautiful." Friedman also shares his experiences opening up for acts like "The Smithereens" and "Firehouse."  We also drive my co-host Nick Gelso crazy as we talk the greatness that is Hall & Oates! The virtual lounge is open, put on that Members Only jacket, order your favorite flavor of Bartles & James and turn up that Walk Man to 10, your in store for a fun "happy hour" for the mind.
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Ty Ray is out "on location in parts unknown, covering something." Ty was brave enough to leave the keys to the "Virtual Lounge" with Nick Gelso.

Gelso invited actor, Matthew Fahey, to attempt to fill Ty's clogs. Fahey welcomes his Hollywood buddy, actor Sam Lerner into the lounge. The two actors discuss young Hollywood, Indie films, episodic television and projects that they are now working on.

Lerner is the son of Hollywood legend, Ken Lerner and the nephew of actor Michael Lerner. Sam talks about growing up in a respected acting family. Lerner is now anticipating the premier of his new film, (tentatively) called, Almanac. 

Other projects Sam has worked on:

  • Saburgatory
  • Envy
  • Monster House
  • Walk on Fame
  • Nobody Walks

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Ty Ray and Nick Gelso opened the "Virtual Lounge" this evening for a quick chat with Patrick Giambra.

Giambra is a well-known DJ in Philadelphia. He is a nightlife and fashion expert. He's modeled and acted. Currently, Patrick is an employee of Steven Starr is his world-renowned restaurant conglomerate.


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DDP shocks the Hell's Kitchen Chefs with a call-in to the show. The guys discuss everything from DDP Yoga to wrestling to healthy diets. Diamond Dallas Page challenged Chef Barret to a Super Hero Pushup challenge... guess who won!


Following the DDP call-in, Anthony and Barret indulge in some good Ole' BBQ talk with someone who is considered one of the TOP PITMASTERS in the world Chef Glenn Gross from Fat Jack's BBQ in 2013 he competed in the WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS in LAS VEGAS for best burger in the world.....THE MEMPHIS MAULER finished in 3RD place for best signature burger in the world!!!!

Their last trip around the Fs lands with CEO of Julian Wines Myles Franklin for an impromptu wine tasting, on-air.

As Chef Barret said throughout the broadcast... "The show was EPIC"

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Ty and Nick get the "virtual lounge" in the holiday spirit when they welcome Grammy nominated pop pianist Jim Brickman to Beats & Eats.  The platinum selling artist talks about his new album "The Magic of Christmas" and his experiences working with some of the biggest names in music including Lady Antebellum, Michael W. Smith and many more.  Plus Jim talks about his own radio show "Your Weekend with Jim Brickman."  Grab your cup of cocoa, or maybe your best Bailey's, kick up your feet and enjoy another "Happy Hour" of the mind.

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Hell's Kitchen Chef, Michael Langdon joins Beats and Eats for another Bite.

Langdon discusses his time on Hell's Kitchen, holiday cooking tips, etc.

One Bite not to be missed!

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Hell's Kitchen Chefs, Barret Beyer and Anthony Rodruigez discuss their Hell's Kitchen memories, Thanksgiving break and what they prepared. Both chef/hosts welcomed Survivor contestant to discuss her Reality Rally Charity.

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The "Virtual Lounge" is opened slightly today to give you a sneak peak of the Lydia Cornell Show, premiering in December.

This is the pilot teaser. More teasers to follow before the premier.

Subscribe to Beats and Eats Podcast Network on iTunes and Stitcher for more info on the Lydia Cornell Show.

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Pittston City councilman, Michael Lombardo, sits down with Nick Gelso for a chat about the rebirth of Pittston City. Pittson is a small city, situated in the heart of North East Pennsylvannia. Currently, Pittston City has become a model for the renaissance of Main Street USA. In the poor economic climate of America, this small city has become an inspiration to small towns throughout the United States.

Councilman Lombardo discusses the strategy, branding and blueprint for local communities to revive their economy, bolster community involvement, pride in your home-town and inticing businesses to plant their footprint on a main street in USA.

Sit back, enjoy your drink of choice and enjoy a very interesting discussion.

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Ty Ray opens up the lounge for a very special guest. On Thanksgiving, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, sits down with Ty to discuss a variety of topics.

Noone talks about the Beatles fame, the British invasion, Christmas music and what's on his iPod.

Sit back, grab a cocktail and enjoy listening to a rock legend.

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Ty and Nick are locking the "virtual lounge" up tight on this edition of Beats & Eats! This one isn't for the kiddies! Ray and Gelso talk to the The "Wingman" comedian James Holeva about his recent throw down in Nashville and get it update on his tour and tv pilot.  Plus, Ty and Nick go "podcast crashing." Yup "podcast crashing." Listen to find out what happens in this "happy hour" for the mind.

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