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Ty Ray is out "on location in parts unknown, covering something." Ty was brave enough to leave the keys to the "Virtual Lounge" with Nick Gelso.

Gelso invited actor, Matthew Fahey, to attempt to fill Ty's clogs. Fahey welcomes his Hollywood buddy, actor Sam Lerner into the lounge. The two actors discuss young Hollywood, Indie films, episodic television and projects that they are now working on.

Lerner is the son of Hollywood legend, Ken Lerner and the nephew of actor Michael Lerner. Sam talks about growing up in a respected acting family. Lerner is now anticipating the premier of his new film, (tentatively) called, Almanac. 

Other projects Sam has worked on:

  • Saburgatory
  • Envy
  • Monster House
  • Walk on Fame
  • Nobody Walks

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