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This week on Spotlight Sports, host Matthew Fahey sits down with actor Sam Lerner, of Suburgatory and his new film, Welcome to Yesterday. Also up for discussion will be whether or not North Korea should keep Dennis Rodman, which athlete became the best actor, NFL playoff predictions, and the most memorable nicknames in sports. Every week Matthew Fahey, along with Joe Fahey, Jay Boice and Kyle Slabotsky bring you entertaining debate regarding everything involving the world of sports as well as Hollywood.

Show Topics:

  • Would you draft Manziel? Would you go pro in his shoes?
  • Should Dennis Rodman be institutionalized? Should North Korea just keep him?
  • Best sports nicknames ever? Due to the NBA doing the nickname game. (Big Unit, Megatron, The Truth, Black Mamba, Pistol Pete, Iron Mike, The Glide)
  • Most exciting NFL game from the past weekend?
  • Outlining who is gonna win the NFC and AFC? Better match up, Manning v Brady or Niners v Seattle?
  • Should Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens make it into the Hall of Fame?
  • Ideal super bowl match up?
  • A-rod suing the MLB.
  • Best athlete turned actor. (Arnold, Jim Brown, Jim Brown)
  • Worst athlete turned actor. (Shaq, MJ, TO, Wilt in Conan, OJ, Brett Favre) Way more bad than good lol.

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