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B&E Bite:  Interview with Celtics' Locker Room Reporter  Jared Weiss | Boston Celtics | Boston Sports | CLNS Radio


The Virtual Lounge is open....

Ty Ray opens the lounge, on-location, at Reality Rally in Temecula California, for a very special guest.

Boston Celtics Locker Room Reporter for CLNS Radio, Jared Weiss, sits down with Ty Ray to discuss Jared's story, how he became a sports locker room reporter and the art of covering live games for the NBA and NHL.

The incredibly interesting aspects of Ty's conversation with Jared are their sharing of mutual stories. Ty's roots are in covering Denver sports. His experience spans two decades. Jared would be considered the new, internet era of reporters.

The two discuss the differences in sports coverage in the Twitter era and much more.

Show Notes:

E-Blast Poster for B&E 3-26-14


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