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Cookbook Series: 1st Edition

For our 1st entry into our Cookbook Series, we welcome Chef Gary Edwards to the Virtual Lounge.

Chef Gary is a long-time friend of Nick Gelso, he has been a hallmark of the NEPA culinary industry for over 2 decades. Edwards' experience includes country clubs, resorts, hotels and now his own property, Fire and Ice on Toby Creek.

When not in the kitchen, Gary can often be seen running or riding his bike through the streets of the Kingston area; exercising and fitness has always been a big part of the chef's life. As you'll hear into today's B&E Bite, that passion for healthy living has followed Chef Gary into his menu planning at Fire and Ice.

In our 1st Cookbook Recipe, Chef Gary offers a savory, yet light, spring dish. His German inspired, Schnitzel Style Breaded Berkshire Pork Dish, has local ingredients all over the plate. The Berkshire Pork is sourced at a Northeast PA (NEPA) farm. Also locally, farm-raised are Gary's dairy and produce items.

This Schnitzel style, panko breaded (local) pork dish will give you the perfect meritage of rib hugging, savory, home-style cookin' with light, crisp, spring-like, produce features.

You won't leave Fire and Ice hungry with this spring-menu treat; nor will you find your day dragging behind you because of  some of the heavy basics featured in the dish. The only thing dragging out of Fire and Ice after a Chef Gary Edwards' meal, is time; you'll be wishing the day wouldn't end so you'd have time to eat some more.

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Schnitzel Style Breaded Berkshire Pork Dish

Get a taste of “Fire and Ice on Toby Creek” when Chef Gary Edwards prepares a spring dish of  Schnitzel Style breaded Berkshire boneless pork topped with chiffonade spinach salad tossed with lime, Chipotle Shrimp, and Berkshire pork belly finished with mango patron puree.

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