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B&E #62: Pop Culture Tour | Casey Kasem Nightmare | Patreon | Crowdfunding |Alice Brady Bunch | Rock & Roll is back? | Van Halen

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Nick and Ty are serving up the pop culture in the "virtual lounge."  The duo welcome a very special guest to this edition of Beats & Eats, Michelle Eddington. Michelle has been one of the biggest supporters of the show since it launched on ITUNES in October of 2013.  Michelle is also one of the first to give ongoing monetary support to Beats & Eats through the crowdfunding site Patreon.  Ty and Nick are forever touched by Michelle's wonderful generosity and love for the show! On today's episode Ty, Nick, and Michelle talk the rock n' roll hall of fame inductions, the sudden death of Ann B Davis, and the impact of the Brady Bunch on American Pop Culture.  It's a fun listen with one of Beats & Eats biggest fans.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the conversation.  Who knows you could be the next Patreon supporter to join the show!

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