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It's a special edition of Beats & Eats. Lydia Cornell joins Ty and Nick along with special guest actor/director/author Anson Williams.  Williams talks about his role playing Potsie on Happy Days, and his new book "Singing to a Bulldog." In it Anson, talks about his "a-ha" moment in life.  Plus Williams and Cornell discuss there experiences working together.. If you love tv, you'll love listening to this episode all about one of tv's most beloved shows. So sit back, relax, enjoy your drink of choice, and soak some amazing moments in tv history.

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The Tech Life with host Rich Conte brings you an insider's view of life in today's fastest growing technology markets.  We will be bringing you guests spanning a wide range of industry roles and locations and they’ll be sharing the perspective and experiences that matter to you. Whether you're interested in starting a career in technology or already in the industry and considering a change, you won’t want to miss it.

This episode features Stewart Moore, co-founder of sharing his experiences boostrapping this Charleston SC-based technology venture.  Eatabit's text-based food delivery platform has the potential to disrupt the food service industry by streamlining how we order takeout.  Stewart talks about how the idea evolved as he and his co-founders sought market validation and about their approach to customer and user acquisition.