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Come and knock on our door!  The virtual lounge becomes the Regal Beagle on this edition of Beats & Eats.  Ty and Nick are talking the iconic tv show "Three's Company."  The duo is proud to welcome actress Joyce DeWitt to the show.  Ty, Nick, and Joyce discuss everythig from  Don Knott's leisure suits to John Ritter's crazy sense of humor.  If you loved "Three's Company" this episode is NOT to be missed.  Janet also talks about her new movie "Snapshot."  She plays the First Lady of the United States and finds herself in a very compromising position.  Look for "Snapshot" on DVD.   Nick and Ty conclude the show with their top 5 70's sitcoms of all-time.  So sit back, relax, and belly up to the bar at the Regal Beagle or this "happy hour for the mind."


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