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The Virtual Lounge is open and Ty and Nick welcome movie producer Lisa Bruce to this edition of Beats and Eats. Bruce produced the Academy Award nominated "The Theory Of Everything." Bruce explains to Nick and Ty how she painstakingly set out to tell the story of legendary physicist Stephen Hawking. Plus, the trio discuss her latest project "The Hollow." Bruce has high praise for the performance of actor/director Miles Doleac in the movie. The murder mystery is set in Mississippi. The three chat about the importance of being accurate when portraying the South on film. The three conclude the conversation by talking about how more women are needed behind the camera. Ty and Nick also talk their love for the new AMAZON PRIME series "Red Oaks." The series is set in 1985 and follows the adventures of 20-year-old David who is spending his summer working at a local country club. If you love movies, you won't want to miss this “Happy Hour" for the mind.


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