Beats and Eats

One cold morning on January 22, 1959 the belly of the Susquehanna River broke into the Knox mine, trapping 81 men underground. The cave-in causes a giant, 150ft whirlpool to form in the ice laden river above, flooding the mines below. With all known exits cut off miners scramble to find an alternative route out and escape a cold, dark, death. On the surface rescue teams unsuccessfully attempt to plug the breach by launching train cars into the massive swirling vortex, only to witness them swallowed into the mines below.

In the wake of this tragic spectacle, the obvious question became: How could this have happened?

The drama continues through the subsequent hearings as investigators try to place blame and responsibility while a community struggles to rebuild its regional economy that the flooded mines destroyed.

Knox Mine Disaster examines this coal mining tragedy that occurred in the anthracite region of northeastern Pennsylvania and sheds light into the life of the hard coal miner.  This film showcases survival through adversity -- the hope, faith, and courage needed to fight your way out of a dreadful situation.

The Project has been accepted into the International Documentary Association's fiscal sponsorship program.  The IDA is a 501(c)(3) public charity and their sponsorship allows the filmmakers of the Knox Mine Disaster to pursue tax deductible grants and donations.

The attached image is a limited edition poster drawn by artist Ben Mackey.  It is a collage of some of the charcoal style illustrations that will appear in the film.  The poster along with “Official Backer” DVDs and Blu Rays are just some of the perks being released in conjunction with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  The filmmakers are looking to raise $60,000 to finish the film and have it on the big screen by the fall of 2016.

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