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The virtual lounge is open and Ty and Nick welcome singer/songwriter Andy Logan to Beats and Eats.  Andy had big success with his arena rock band "Little America" in the late 80's selling thousands of records for the Geffen label.  He's continued his success as a solo artist and his latest release is "Transistors of Mercy."  The new record features a heavy guitar sound that harkens back to a time when the instrument was an important part of American music.  Ty and Andy discuss decline of the guitar in popular music and why it's due to make a comeback.  Plus, Andy looks back on the start of his career with Little America and his evolution as a solo artist.  If you're a fan of rock music, and the guitar, this happy hour for the mind is not to be missed.  

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Welcome to another Happy Hour For The Mind. The Virtual Lounge is open, take a seat and chill out for an engaging conversation with the voice of one of the 80's biggest hits-Clive Farrington from When In Rome.  "The Promise" was a monster dance hit, reaching number 1 on the charts!  Clive will talk to Nick and Ty about the success spawned by the song as well as the ultimate break-up of When In Rome.  Plus, the trio talk about Clive's attempt to blend dance music and the 80's into a new tv show called EDM TV.  The episode concludes with an epic TOP 5 as Nick and Ty list their favorite dance tracks of the 80's.  So stick around, pour yourself a cold one, and enjoy your stay with Beats & Eats.

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The Virtual Lounge is open... Nick Gelso here. Our long-time listeners may remember that Beats and Eats started as a celebrity musician podcast (the "beats") and a celebrity chef podcast (the "eats"). With the popularity of our episode with Hell's Kitchen Chef Chad, we decided to continue to venture back into the foodie realms by meeting other former HK15 chefs.

Beats and Eats has a proud tradition of celebrating fine food and the chefs that create it. We are proud to say that we were even nominated for a national Stitcher/Deezer award for Best Food and Wine Podcast of 2013. We lost to Alton Brown- I can honestly say that we are not embarrassed to tell people we lost to the celebrity chef.

As with any show or concept, over time it's personality evolves. Though we still talk food on occasion, "BNE" has really ventured into more of the celebrity interviews and trending topics genres. In 2015, we partnered up with the ECP Charters, celebrity vacation, The 80's Cruise and, thus our subjects dove even deeper into the retro, celebrity interview genre. We will still be bringing you the best in current and retro guests but, we do intend to bring you the occasional chef again as well.

Anyway, today we venture back into the "virtual kitchen" in a fashion reminiscent of our show topics from 2012-13. We welcome Hell's Kitchen Season 15 Chef, Hassan (follow on Facebook here or Twitter here).

Chef Hassan opens up about his experience on HK, his early dismissal (you may be surprised by his reaction and his current projects. Outspoken as ever, Hassan also strongly defends Chef Frank from HK15- you won't want to miss this!

As usual, Ty Ray asks the tough questions as he requests Chef Hassan's opinions on fellow contestants and how contestants are portrayed by shows such as Hell's Kitchen.

The trio also discuss the renaissance of the dining scene is Hassan's home city of Detroit.

If you're a Hell's Kitchen or Celebrity Chef Junkie, this truly is the episode for you.

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The Virtual Lounge is open and Ty and Nick welcome actor Michael Sun Lee inside on this edition of Beats and Eats.

Lee is coming off his role on the new Netflix series “Fuller House". The popular 80's sitcom reboot is a favorite of fans and critics alike.

The trio will discuss that show as well as the popularity of streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix.  Plus, Michael will discuss his upcoming projects.

The episode concludes with the return of the Beats and Eats top 5.  Nick and Ty list their 5 favorite supporting characters in television history.

If you love tv, you won't want to miss this edition of Beats and Eats.

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The Virtual Lounge is open and you're welcome inside for a lively discussion of CNN's "The 80's.."  Ty and Nick examine the first episode of the 7-part series that examines the influence of 80's television.  The two discuss everything from Dallas to Miami Vice.  Ray and Gelso aso look back at how prime time television became the thing to talk at the water cooler.  It's a fast moving episode of Beats and Eats featuring many of the great names and shows you cherish even after 30 years.  So sit back, relax, and for old time sake open yourself a wine cooler! The "virtual lounge" is the place where everybody knows your name.

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