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The virtual lounge is open and it's another "happy hour" for the mind. You're welcome inside the for a brief celebration tribute for Muhammad Ali. On the day of his funeral procession and ceremonies, Ty Ray and Nick Gelso reflect upon the American Legend's impact on the world.

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The virtual lounge is open and it's another "happy hour" for the mind. You're welcome inside the virtual lounge for a Campaign 2016 edition of Beats and Eats.  On this show, Ty and Nick discuss Hillary Clinton's historic night as she becomes the first woman ever to clinch the presidential nomination of a major party.  Plus, the two look ahead to the fall matchup between the Democrat Clinton and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.  The show concludes with a discussion with Dr, Joe Cabosky of CABPOLITCAL.  Dr. Cabosky has analyzed political data since the Obama-Romney 2012 presidential election.  The three look at the current state of the electoral map and what states could be in play for both Clinton and Trump in the fall. If you're a political junkie, then this episode of Beats and Eats is for you. Dr. Cabosky is an Assistant in the Public Relations sequence at the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina. You kind find his work at and on Twitter at @JMcabosky.

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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside  for a "social media" edition of Beats and Eats. Joining Ty and Nick is Twitter marketing strategist Madalyn Sklar.  Sklar is one of the most influential social media influencers in the country. On this episode, you will learn Sklar's top 3 steps for improving your Twitter presence. Plus, she tells us all about special tools to improve your Twitter experience. If you're in business and want to get more clients, or if you're just a novice Twitter user this episode is for you.  For more information check out Madayln on Twitter @madalynsklar and online at 



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