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The  ''virtual lounge" is open and Ty and Nick are proud to welcome podcasting legend Mignon Fogarty aka "Grammar Girl" to this episode of Beats and Eats. On the show, the trio talk her start in podcasting more than a decade ago.  They also discuss their biggest grammar pet peeves. So sit back, relax, bring out your style book and learn English essentials from our new super hero "Grammar Girl."  For more on Mignon Fogarty check her out on Twitter @grammargirl, online at, and her podcast at

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Food Network Chef, Kevin Des Chenes joins Nick in the Virtual Lounge. The two foodie entertainers discuss the upcoming Philadelphia Taste Food & Wine Festival, featuring some of the best Chefs and Foodie Entertainers in the USA. The two also discuss the eCommerce industries new, premier, mail-order steak & protein company, Main Entrée.


Chef Kevin offers you a big discount to - use the promo code "chefkevd"

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