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The virtual lounge is open and Ty and Nick welcome old friend Lydia Cornell inside for an hour of fun.  On this edition of Beats and Eats the former "Too Close For Comfort" star discusses what's new in her life as well as the recent passing of pop culture icons Carrie Fisher, George Michael, and Alan Thicke.  Cornell talks about her relationship with both Thicke and Fisher in detail.  The trio conclude the episode with Lydia's memories of Studio 54.  This is a Beats and Eats episode not to be missed.  Sit back, relax, pour your drink of choice and enjoy a fun conversation with an old friend of the show. For more information on Lydia Cornell you can find her on the web at You reach Ty and Nick on Twitter at @coug88, @clns_nick, and @beatneats.

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Ty and Nick welcome special co-host Mike Murphy into the virtual lounge for this special edition of Beats and Eats. Mike's podcast "Badasses, Boobs, and Body Counts" is the premier b movie podcast online.  On this episode, Ty and Mike visit with actress Jacqueline Lovell about her hilarious role as Loretta in the Full Moon Entertainment horror classic "Head Of The Family." The three discuss the film's 20th anniversary and its continued popularity.  Jacqueline also talks about her role in "Nude Bowling Party" and the crazy inaccuracies on her IMDB page (not for the kiddies). Ty and Mike conclude the episode with their fond memories of b movies and their love for Bob Wilkens "Creature Features"  on local Bay Area television in the 1970's.  If you love b movies, than this episode isn't to be missed! It's a rare opportunity to hear some amazing stories from Jacqueline Lovell one of the funniest and gorgeous scream queens in film history. Check out Mike's podcast at For more on Jaqueline go to her website at Follow Nick and Ty on Twitter at @clns_nick, @coug88, and @beatneats.

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The virtual lounge is open. Nick Gelso is running solo today as Ty Ray is out Christmas shopping. Gelso welcomes movie critic, J.W. Colwell to discuss Rogue One: a Star Wars Story.


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The virtual lounge is open and Ty and Nick return to their foodie roots on this edition of Beats and Eats. The duo welcome Dan Kanczugowski from Seattle's Sebi's restaurant to the show.  Sebi's Bistoris the premier Polish restaurant in the northwest.  During the episode Dan discusses what Polish food is all about as well as the heartwarming story of his parents dream to open a restaurant and raise a family. For more information on Sebi's in Seattle's Eastlake neighborhood go to  While you're on the web check our sponsors and

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