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On this edition of Beats & Eats, host Ty Ray welcomes Craig Cohen from the Slycast podcast.  The two examine the amazing career of Sylvester Stallone and give their takes on the box office hit Creed II. The sequel to the Academy Award-nominated Creed has now made over $100 million at the box office and is due to make more than the original.  For more on Craig and the Slycast podcast go to  You can reach out to Ty at @coug88 or @beatneats on Twitter.  Also, for all things Nick Gelso on the web go to and @clns_nick @clnsmedia on Twitter.

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The virtual lounge is open and Nick and Ty are talking all things Freddie Mercury and Queen on this episode of Beats and Eats.  The duo look at the controversies surrounding the new blockbuster film on the life of the legendary frontman and band.  Plus, both discuss their favorite queen songs. If you love rock n' roll, this half hour isn't to be missed.  So sit back, relax, pour your drink of choice, and enjoy yet another happy hour for the mind.

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On the latest episode of Beats & Eats Nick and Ty share their feelings on the passing of Arizona Senator John McCain.  Ty talks about why he crossed party lines to vote for McCain while Nick opens up about his admiration for the man who spent more than 5 years of his life being tortured in a North Vietnamese prison camp.  The duo concludes the show by talking about the recent passing of Aretha Franklin.  Nick and Ty list off their favorite Aretha songs.  You can connect with Ty on Twitter @coug88, Nick @clns_nick, and the show @beatneats.

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On this edition of Beats and Eats Ty and Nick look back on some of the amazing guests and shows that have taken place in the virtual lounge over the last 5 years.  It's a breezy twenty minutes as the duo reminisces on some of their amazing moments on the air.  Plus, the duo look at the recent scandal involving Roseanne Barr.  Don't forget you can follow the guys on twitter @coug88, @clns_nick, and the show @beatneats. Don't forget to check out our sponsor

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The virtual lounge is proud to welcome former CNN White House correspondent Dan Lothian for a discussion on the state of television news during the Trump presidency. On this edition of Beats and Eats Ty and Nick have a candid conversation with Lothian on the state of television news during the Trump Era.  Having covered the White House under both Bush and Obama, Lothian has a unique window into today's current state of affairs on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Plus, Lothian will talk about his new CLNS Media podcast "Behind The Media."  If you are a news junkie, then this show is for you!  You can follow Dan on Twitter @DanLothianTV, Ty at @coug88, and Nick at clns_nick. 

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On this edition of Beats and Eats Ty is joined by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Charlie Farren.  The music veteran shares his incredible stories from 40 years in the music industry.  Farren, a New England native, talks openly about what it was like to sing lead for the legendary Joe Perry Project in the early 80's.  Farren also shares great stories from the days when his band Farrenheit opened for rock icons Boston during their comeback tour in 1987.  Farrenheit was an MTV staple back then with their hit "Fool In Love." The two also chat about Farren's upcoming record this spring which will emphasize Charlie's amazing talents as a guitar player.  Ty and Charlie also manage to get in some New England sports talk.  Charlie is a big Celtics fan!  For more on Charlie check out his website  You can also fine Farren on Facebook at 

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The virtual lounge is open and we're talking all things music on this episode of Beats & Eats. Today, Ty is joined by Jon Lamoreaux, the host of The Hustle podcast.  The show explores the ups and downs of the music industry with some of the famous and not so famous names in the music industry.  During the episode, Jon discusses what inspired the podcast as well as his favorite guests.  He also recalls some of the shows best moments during it 167-episode run so far.  If you love music, particularly if you're a fan of the 80's this episode isn't to be missed.  For for more on Beats & Eats follow @beatneats or @coug88.  You can follow Jon at @thehustlepod and on Facebook at

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The virtual lounge is open for a somber edition of Beats & Eats.  On this episode, Ty and Nick discuss the media coverage surrounding the Parkland School shooting leaving 17 dead.  The examine the effectiveness of CNN's Town Hall as well as Trump's White House listening session.  The duo give their take on whether or not the recent protests by students will have any impact on gun legislation.  As always, Ty and Nick would love your thoughts on Twitter @beatneats @coug88 @clns_nick.  Also, the show sponsored by RX Bar made with 100% natural ingredients. For 25% off on your first order go to

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It's Super Bowl week so it's all football all the time in the virtual lounge.  On this edition of Beats and Eats Ty and Nick discuss the greatness of Tom Brady.   Is the Patriots quarterback the greatest athlete of all-time? Is Brady more dominant to his sport than Bulls legend Michael Jordan?  Is Brady the biggest celebrity ever in the history of Massachusetts? These are just some of the questions the duo attempt to answer.  Finally, the two discuss the state of the NFL's popularity. If you want to tweet Nick and Ty you can do so at @coug88, @clns_nick, and @beatneats.

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The virtual lounge is back open after a long absence and Ty and Nick are back on the mic. On this edition of Beats and Eats the duo discusses the rising tensions in the NBA between NBA players and referees.  The two examine the recent altercation between the Rockets and Clippers.  Plus, Ty looks back on the horrific fight between the Rockets and Lakers in 1977 that ended the career of Rudy Tomjanovich.  To follow the guys on Twitter @coug88, @clns_nick, and @beatneats.  You can also check them out at

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