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The virtual lounge is open and we're talking all things music on this episode of Beats & Eats. Today, Ty is joined by Jon Lamoreaux, the host of The Hustle podcast.  The show explores the ups and downs of the music industry with some of the famous and not so famous names in the music industry.  During the episode, Jon discusses what inspired the podcast as well as his favorite guests.  He also recalls some of the shows best moments during it 167-episode run so far.  If you love music, particularly if you're a fan of the 80's this episode isn't to be missed.  For for more on Beats & Eats follow @beatneats or @coug88.  You can follow Jon at @thehustlepod and on Facebook at

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The virtual lounge is open for a somber edition of Beats & Eats.  On this episode, Ty and Nick discuss the media coverage surrounding the Parkland School shooting leaving 17 dead.  The examine the effectiveness of CNN's Town Hall as well as Trump's White House listening session.  The duo give their take on whether or not the recent protests by students will have any impact on gun legislation.  As always, Ty and Nick would love your thoughts on Twitter @beatneats @coug88 @clns_nick.  Also, the show sponsored by RX Bar made with 100% natural ingredients. For 25% off on your first order go to

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