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The virtual lounge is open and the sounds of synthwave fill the air.  Ty continues his discovery of the 80's influenced music genre and is joined by singer/songwriter Michael Oakley.  The two discuss Oakley's latest record "Introspect", an album that tells the story of his journey from piano bar player in Glasgow to becoming one of the hot artists in synthwave.  Ty and Michael breakdown the record as well as talk about the musicians and songs that influenced Oakley's style.  You don't have to know synthwave to enjoy this edition of Beats and Eats. If you are a music lover, grab a chair, pour a pint, and listen to a lively discussion about 70's and 80's music history.  To learn more about Michael check him out on @MichaelOakleySW or on Facebook  You can get Michael's new record "Introspect" at  You can also Tweet Ty @coug88.

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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside to hear a discussion about the 2020 presidential campaign with long-time Democratic strategist Bob Shrum.  Shrum has spent more than 5 decades in politics.  He worked on the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, Al Gore, and Ted Kennedy. He provides incredible insight into Trump's recent response to the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.  Plus Nick and Ty ask Bob who he feels would be the strongest candidate to take on Donald Trump in 2020.  It's a timely conversation that's a must for the political junkie.  To engage Ty on Twitter you can do so @coug88 and Nick is @clsn_nick.  

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The virtual lounge is open and you're welcome inside for a discussion with songwriter/performer Ollie Wride.  Ollie's new album "Thanks In Advance" is a combination of synth-pop and art-rock.  Ollie is mostly known as the frontman and songwriter for San Francisco based FM-84.  Ollie has become of the more influential artists of the “retro-wave” genre.  Ty and Ollie talk about his young days in Los Angeles as a songwriter, his influences, and his upcoming plans for the new record and FM-84.  This episode is a must for fans of Ollie and synth wave. For more information on Ollie you can follow him on Twitter @olliewride and for more information on his new album "Thanks In Advance" go to  

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