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People don't know or forgot how much race played a factor in the Celtics - Lakers Rivalry in the 80's. What is even more interesting is how much racism affected the African American players on both teams, against each other!


Nobody knows these facts better than the players who were on the court during that epic 7 game series in 1984 and 85. Two NBA Legends, and pivotal contributors to their respective teams, Michael Cooper & Cedric Maxwell, tell stories you'll never forget (and def never heard.


The best part is, Ty an I just leave Max and Coop to BS on the phone, recorded it (with their permission, of course) and uploaded it. The hatred between the C's and Showtime was well known through out sports and pop culture back in the 80s.  The hatred didn't stop with Cooper or Cornbread either. 


Today's phone conversation podcast is the first time since 1985 that these two iconic players last spoke. Oh yea, the hate was real. So, usually we are sipping vodka martinis but today, this is a coffee type conversation and you get to be a fly on the wall for it. 





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