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It's a Holiday Edition of Beats & Eats.

On this Christmas Eve, Nick Gelso travels to Brookline for a Holiday tour of The Washington Square Tavern. This is a "return visit" of sorts, as Gelso visited with The Tavern back in November, talking with BNE2, Chef Barret about his POPUP dinner. The POPUP was a resounding success and today, we speak with the Tavern's Executive Chef Kevin Des Chenes.

In addition to his work at this great Gastro Eatery, Chef Kevin has been making waves all over the Celebrity Chef circuit with his appearances on, Food Network's Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell and The Celebrity Stage at The Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival. Surrounding all of Kevin's recent success, is his great passion and devotion to charity. It's always been quite impactful to me that the culinary community always makes a priority to give back to those who are suffering or less fortunate. As you'll hear in today's episode of Beats and Eats, Kevin's current charity is one that is very close to mine and Ty's heart, Michelle's Place for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness. Our association coincides with Chef Kevin's via Gillian Larson, and her Reality Rally Charity weekend in Temecula, California. Chef Kev explains why charity is so important to him and why he's working so hard to raise funds for Reality Rally/Michelle's Place.

Additionally, we speak about the Holiday Season at Washington Square Tavern in Brookline. Chef Kevin talks about the great things happening at the Tavern on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and, of course, New Years Eve.

Lastly, we spend a portion of time discussing the restaurant industry, the US Foods - Sysco merger, and how it will impact the independent operators, and general best practices in the BOH of a well-established, bustling Gastro Tavern in Boston.



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The BNE Bite Series returns with another chef/baker spotlight.

Ty Ray and Nick Gelso welcome Laura Powell, owner of  the popular blog, Real Mom Kitchen, to the Virtual Lounge.

In the fall, as we were approaching the Holiday Season, Laura visited the lounge with her newest creation, the unique Red Velvet Crispie Treats - recipe below.


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Click here for a link to Anson Williams' book, Singing to a Bulldog

It's a special edition of Beats & Eats. Lydia Cornell joins Ty and Nick along with special guest actor/director/author Anson Williams.  Williams talks about his role playing Potsie on Happy Days, and his new book "Singing to a Bulldog." In it Anson, talks about his "a-ha" moment in life.  Plus Williams and Cornell discuss there experiences working together.. If you love tv, you'll love listening to this episode all about one of tv's most beloved shows. So sit back, relax, enjoy your drink of choice, and soak some amazing moments in tv history.

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The Tech Life with host Rich Conte brings you an insider's view of life in today's fastest growing technology markets.  We will be bringing you guests spanning a wide range of industry roles and locations and they’ll be sharing the perspective and experiences that matter to you. Whether you're interested in starting a career in technology or already in the industry and considering a change, you won’t want to miss it.

This episode features Stewart Moore, co-founder of sharing his experiences boostrapping this Charleston SC-based technology venture.  Eatabit's text-based food delivery platform has the potential to disrupt the food service industry by streamlining how we order takeout.  Stewart talks about how the idea evolved as he and his co-founders sought market validation and about their approach to customer and user acquisition.


Welcome "BACKSTAGE" for the Episode 4 of #JAGMondays on the Original Beats and Eats Podcast Network.

#JAGMondays will be recorded the last week of each month. Keep in mind, due to the Christmas/New Years holidays, we will be releasing our December/January episodes late - please be patient. :)

The FREE condensed, AUDIO ONLY version will be released on this Monday (12/8/14).

JAGMonday is all about putting a strong focus on things that are important in Jeff's life OFF-STAGE, including musical influences, sports, his family, friends and more personal stuff.

In the new year, JAG, and the BnE boys, will be instituting a "Twitter Bag" so you, the #JAGarmy, can submit your questions for Jeff. If we choose your question, we will read your name and Twitter handle on the popular Beats and Eats airwaves! We may even have occasional LIVE Q&A sessions with Jeff and you the fans, via Google Hangout!

Episode 4: #JAGMondays Premium Video Version

In this episode of #JAGMondays, Ty and Nick chat with Jeff about the Thanksgiving Holiday for Jeff, on the road in LA, his December holiday plans and a NEW HOLIDAY EP release for his fans, the JAGArmy!

Jeff also goes in-depth on the difficulties of song/music composition, while your band mates are spread throughout the USA.

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Thanks again for your support of Jeff Gutt and everyone at the Beats and Eats Podcast Network!

We'll cya for December/January's edition of #JAGMondays.

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Nick Gelso takes over the virtual lounge this afternoon for a little Feliz Navidad!

Gelso welcome North East PA's expert Mexican Chef, Gaston Romero. Chef Gaston is the proprietor of "NEPA's" favorite REAL Mexican restaurant. Gaston has become an Ambassador to the Latin Community in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton/Pocono markets.

Romero holds true to his nickname by offering 1/2 price (BOGO) Gift Cards on December 14th, during his Pignata Party/Magic Show, exposing the native community of NEPA to the culture of the Mexican Community. Fun for Kids! 1/2 Price Gift Cards (BOGO) for the Adults and a Pignata Party!

The very next day, the tradition, heritage and memories continue as El Rey gives you the next installment of their monthly Mexican Cooking Class. See Below for more info:


Check out El Rey Azteca Facebook Page Here! | Join the El Rey Discussion Group for Foodies | Join the December Cooking Class at El Rey!


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America's favorite house guest is our guest in the "virtual lounge." Kato Kaelin joins Ty and Nick on this edition of Beats & Eats.  Kate discusses his new lounge-wear Plus, he talks about his love of Milwaukee sports and how he made his way from Wisconsin out Hollywood in the 1980's. It's Kato Kaelin, candid and funny like you've never heard him before. The trio barely touch on a certain 1990's trial.  So sit back, put on your best coach potato, and listen to this entertaining happy hour for the mind.

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The "virtual lounge" is proud to welcome actress Hell's Kitchen Chef and podcasting gamer, Anthony Rodriguez.  On this edition of Beats and Eats hosts Ty Ray and Nick Gelso talk with Rodriguez about his new podcast, on BNE2, called, GLHF Radio. This podcast features the gaming news, tips and all-things nerd!

Chef Rodriguez also discusses how gaming is now being being considered a real sport and is even a candidate for the Olympic games.

Episode inspired by: Daniel Gelso

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